Niranjan Khatri

The author is Founder of iSambhav.

Latest Articles By Niranjan Khatri

Climate Change: Transformation for an eco-responsible F&B operation

To ensure the temperature does not increase by 1.5ºC by 2100, the global community is working together to find solutions like trying to assign carbon budgets to reduce the emission rates of different countries

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Blending socio-business and ecological concerns innovatively

Niranjan Khatri says that sometimes we do not need financial resources to get things done for marginalised stakeholders and it is the intent which helps unleash our creativity

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Sustainability is the new buzzword with focus on the supply chain

Niranjan Khatri, Founder, iSambhav throws light on the meaning and importance of ‘Greening of the supply chain’

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Finding Local Solutions for India’s hunger

Highlighting the need to increase nutrition levels in marginalised households, Niranjan Khatri, Founder of iSambhav, talks about Bank of Nutrition, an initiative by iSambhav envisions a working solution for those who are living on the margins in the most vulnerable circumstances.

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'Environment protection begins with me'

Highlighting the importance of reusing waste, Niranjan Khatri, Founder of iSambhav, suggests to use tender coconut shells as plant pots in order to lower the burden on landfill site.

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