Zomato scores Petpooja as India's best restaurant management platform

The POS Wellness Score was introduced as a performance rating mechanism for POS partners

Petpooja, a POS (Point of Sale) software provider offering holistic restaurant management solutions, has been given a POS Wellness Score of 9.16 by Zomato. The rating cements Petpooja’s position as a frontrunner in the F&B management space.

The POS Wellness Score was introduced as a performance rating mechanism for POS partners. The objectives of giving the ratings were performance evaluation, business opportunities for POS and better decision-making for restaurants where they can choose restaurant management platforms based on the score.

Given that Petpooja’s score puts the platform in the Excellent Experience tier, it qualifies to be displayed on Zomato’s restaurant owner-facing app as a recommended POS partner. Restaurant management platforms are judged on multiple parameters, including feature parity compliance, where Petpooja scored 9.2, technical efficiency, uptime and turnaround time on features going live, and order volume (relative to top order contributing POS), in which Petpooja scored a full 10. The menu score as per the Z-menu score is yet to be introduced. Overall, Petpooja fared incredibly well and will further share the POS score and rank with existing POS restaurants.

Parthiv Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Petpooja, said, “Firstly, I’d like to say that we are thrilled to receive this rating from an eminent platform like Zomato. Petpooja strives to provide a seamless experience for our partner restaurants through streamlined and efficient operations, cutting-edge technology and innovation. This score is one of the many milestones we hope to achieve soon. We are working to incorporate automation into every aspect of the customer's dining experience and the technology we use will be unparalleled by anyone without compromising on our user-friendly approach. We look forward to continuing our work and transforming the restaurant management for augmented business growth.”

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