Usha introduces one-step water solution with LagunaFresh Water Dispenser Series

Sleek, convenient, and eco-friendly – it’s the best of everything you need

Who doesn’t love innovative appliances that are functional, thoughtfully designed and easy to install anywhere? We all do. Usha’s new range of Laguna Fresh water dispensers allows for all this and more. The latest launch by the consumer durables major is suitable for all spaces – including residential, semi-commercial, as well as commercial areas such as offices, workplace cafeterias, shopping malls, or other such establishments. 

Usha Laguna Fresh-Sensor: Equipped with the latest touchless dispensing technology, the Usha Laguna Fresh-Sensor ensures safe use with minimal touch.

The Laguna Fresh-Sensor uses environment-friendly non-CFC(Chloro-Floro-Carbons) R-134a refrigerant for better performance and longevity, and is 11% (an approximate measure) taller than other water dispensers that allows convenience of water dispensing at a non-bending height. Its compact design is best suited for areas with space restrictions, and the sleek body fits in perfectly with modern interiors.

Having a convenient single faucet option for hot, cold, normal water, the Usha Laguna Fresh-Sensor comes with a cold tank capacity of 3 liters at a cooling capacity of 3lt/hr (< 15 C at 35 C ambient) and a hot tank capacity of 0.9 liters at a heating capacity of 5lt/hr (85 C). 

Usha Laguna Fresh Floor Standing with Cooling Cabinet (FSCC): The Usha Laguna FSCC comes with a really handy feature – a cooling cabinet with a storage capacity of 20 liters to store essentials eliminating the need for a separate refrigerator. 

The new variant with a dual-tone finish comes in a sleek and compact design that looks at home in just about any setting, offices or households. 

Equipped with a non-CFC R-134a refrigerant, the FSCC variant is a sustainable/environment-friendly water dispenser. It’s easy-on-top button at a non-bending height makes water dispensing convenient for consumers. 

Usha Laguna Fresh-Floor Standing (FS): Usha’s Laguna Fresh Floor comes with a convenient single faucet for all water temperature needs. 

Additionally, with a height of 3.5 meters, the Laguna Fresh – FS model stands approximately 11% taller compared to other industry models, allowing consumers to dispense water without bending.

With a cold tank capacity of 3 liters and a hot tank capacity of 0.9 liters, the USHA Laguna Fresh - Floor Standing water dispensers are suitable for both commercial and household needs.  

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