UNOX: Revolutionising commercial kitchen

UNOX, now in India, is determined to provide top-notch support to all present and future operators within the Indian food industry

Founded in Italy in 1990, UNOX creates intelligent technology and applies it to professional cooking processes to support people and businesses who face the challenge of building their everyday success in the food service industry. It is a real know-how factory that designs, manufactures and markets commercial ovens for the catering, retail, pastry and bakery sectors. Its wide-ranging offer includes convection ovens, convection ovens with humidity, combi ovens, speed ovens and EVEREO® the hot fridge.

UNOX, now in India, is determined to provide top-notch support to all present and future operators within the Indian food industry. “Over the next few years, the company is set to invest heavily. Our 4,500 sq ft Gurgaon office will include a state-of-the-art demo experience centre. We are signing test kitchen sites in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. We will display our entire range of products there and conduct weekly demonstrations for our customers to experience and understand the great benefits of using UNOX,” informs Vikram Goel, Managing Director India, UNOX India Pvt Ltd. He adds, “To facilitate smooth and efficient delivery of our units, the company has arranged a huge warehouse in Delhi with local stock of all our products.”

In addition, the Indian team is increasing in number, and the company assures its consumers and partners will be fully supported by experienced salespersons, chefs and a service team having footprints across the country. “At UNOX, we understand the importance of service, therefore, along with our existing dealers, we have appointed three independent service partners who will cover the length and breadth of the country and will hold spare parts, cleaners, as well as accessories. With our passion and hunger to success, but most importantly our commitment towards the Indian food industry, we are very confident to make our presence felt in the upcoming years,” he says.

During AAHAR 2022, UNOX India will be launching two revolutionary inventions. The first one is SPEED-X™, a new breed of oven and the only one in the entire world designed to combine the capabilities of a combi oven and those of a speed oven, self-washing feature included. The second is EVEREO®, a holding cabinet equipped with brand-new technology making it possible for chefs to vacuum-pack hot food and maintain it at service temperature for days. 

F&B businesses are on the verge of revolutionising their commercial kitchens with unique concepts and equipment. The pressure is on to create a kitchen space that can adapt to new consumer trends. This is because the industry is witnessing food menus becoming more specialised as more and more organised domestic and international players enter this market. At the same time, there is an urgent need for the industry to become efficient so as to deliver a larger output with lesser cost.

“Look at the traditional chat masala sellers who now have well-organised kiosks. The tandoor oven is not made of clay anymore, combi ovens bake oil-free French fries, and storage has become a priority. Modular kitchens are also growing popular as remote locations are beginning to develop at break-neck speed and real estate costs escalate beyond imagination,” shares Goel. All of these factors combined have driven commercial kitchens to become culinary playgrounds for chefs by providing them with a series of peak experiences and performance-pumping accessories. A large part of the credit for this development are improvements in the quality, productivity and efficiency brought upon commercial kitchens by the kind of equipment that is available today, he puts in.

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