Turkiye hosts highest-ever number of Indian travellers in June

India has been one of the top source markets for visitor arrivals into Turkiye

With Turkiye recently relaxing all the Covid-19 related travel restrictions for Indian visitors, the country in June 2022 hosted its highest-ever number of travellers from India. Turkiye received more than 27,300 Indian tourists in the month of June, breaking all the previous inbound travel records from India in a single month. As the demand for international travel picks up, this sudden boost to Turkiye tourism from the Indian sector can be attributed to several factors such as the country’s destinations, history, architecture along with the ease of procuring visas for personal and leisure travel. Moreover, with carriers like Turkish Airlines and Indigo resuming direct flights to the country, travelling to Turkiye has become more convenient for Indians.

India has been one of the top source markets for visitor arrivals into Turkiye and the current peak travelling season has also favoured the numbers immensely. Given that May and October are the most preferred months for Indian tourists to visit Turkiye, the all-time high volume of travellers witnessed in June not only comes as a surprise for the Turkiye Tourism market, but also indicates that more record-breaking numbers will follow in the coming months.

Being the melting pot of heritage, culture, nature and gastronomy that reflect the diversity of civilisations for centuries, make Turkiye one of the most popular tourist destinations for not only Indian travellers, but also one of the most sought-after countries globally. Additionally, with its highly successful ‘Safe Tourism Certification Programme’ in place, Turkiye expects to welcome an even higher number of international travellers from the world over, all through 2022.  


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