Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels doubles its properties

The brand tapped into the growing demand and was able to expand to six more locations in the country

Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels, a boutique chain of luxury getaways, has doubled their chain over the pandemic, going from six properties to having 12 all over India.

Once the pandemic set in, the world of hospitality and tourism became a volatile and ever-changing environment. New restrictions were introduced almost every day as far as travel was concerned and there were regular amendments to the existing long list of state restrictions. During this period, Tree of Life took this challenge and understood the need of the hour and combined it with their vision to provide luxurious escapes away from the city, deep in the trenches of Nature.

“There is no doubt that this period was one of the most challenging I have ever faced in my 13 odd years of work. There is nothing that prepares you for such a situation and it is humbling to say the least. Having said this, I am happy to report that I have never seen numbers in terms of both occupancies and ADRs across the group (including all our new openings) as high as I have seen post the second wave of the pandemic. The opportunities in the luxury boutique space within India are huge at the moment,” said Akhil Anand, Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels, adding, "Many owner driven smaller properties who would like a better positioning and more visibility have been reaching out to us to associate. Pre-Covid19, we were at six destinations and are now stand at 12. We are at the right place at the right time and looking at making the most of this opportunity. This is a great time for us to expand our footprint in this domain,” he added.

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