Travellers are Opting for Experiential Tours in 2019

The factors encouraging a traveller's destination preference is evolving and the visitors are becoming more perceptive and mindful.

THE NEW age travellers are more dynamic and versatile in terms of their expectations. There are substantial changes in terms of preferences of a traveller in the year 2019. The travellers are looking forward to multigenerational travel, heritage walks, solo travel, culinary tours, home dining experience, dark tourism and responsible tourism to name a few. 2019 has eleven long weekends which is definitely less compared to the last but that doesn’t restrict the spirit of authentic travellers to take that plunge from their regular schedule and enjoy themselves. The factors encouraging a traveller's destination preference is evolving and the visitors are becoming more perceptive and mindful. In order to overcome the issues of over- tourism at several destinations, a large number of explorers travel to destinations during offseason to avail the benefits of travel packages.

The travellers also prefer to travel with families as most of them live in nuclear families. The multigenerational travel is increasing as people from all the demographics in the family wants to travel together and opt for unique adventure activities.

The travellers are also considering themselves similarly accountable to keep a place clean and tidy. The coming years will certainly see a surge in the number of responsible travellers asking for eco-friendly and sustainable travel packages to safeguard nature. A cool hill station or a cultural beauty with peaceful ambience is your perfect escape. A place like Jaipur during January is a lovely place to spend some undisturbed time with loved ones. People are looking forward to some colourful time in the city during the kite-flying festival. In fact, the city has community clubs where the sport is ardently practised. The city skyline is alive with kites during festivities, especially during Makar Sankranti and Republic Day.

Have you always wanted to spend time among marine wildlife but never had a diving license to do so? With Sole travelling trend with its all-time high, this season, you can travel solo and experience a sea walking adventure to make your exotic dream come true in Bali. One can immerse in the amazement of wild fishes, other sea creatures, and colourful variety of sea corals dotting the shores of Sanur beach without any restrictions and even get a chance to get up close and personal with the different wild animals in Komodo Island. The trend of travelling short is a big buzz and is emerging in the market. The explorers are focusing on long weekends as it also entails favourable travel economies. Home Dining is becoming one of the exciting and booming businesses in the country. It is a good option for patrons who want to eat homemade food even if they are away from home. Also, for patrons who want to indulge in some authentic and traditional meal, similarly culinary tours are also in demand as a large number of domestic and foreign tourist want to explore the taste of local cuisines. A journey is incomplete if you don’t get an opportunity to feast on local cuisines.

Travel in 2019 is also largely about exploring nature’s kept secrets and breaking away from the herd. The new age travellers are inclining towards places which are not popular and discovering altogether new activities and things to do in that particular area hence spreading the good word which in turn is also supporting local businesses. Thus, it is safe to say that travel has become more personalized these days especially because of the information highway. Nowadays, the environment-friendly travellers, are not only choosing their destination but also designing their end to end travel. There is an increasing demand for multigenerational travel with customised packages for groups. The tourism sector is believed to be majorly impacted by luxury travel in 2019. The increasing disposable income of the new age travellers might even open the doors to space travel which would require a sizeable investment

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