The Caffeine Baar launches its ‘Elements 2021’

Elements 2021 is a collection of three new packaged specialty coffees - Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic Fermentation and Orange Fermentation.

The Caffeine Baar, one of India’s most experimentative specialty coffee brands, blending chemistry and experimentation with single-origin, high-grown Arabica coffee beans from 120-year-old Baarbara Estate in Chikmagalur, launches ‘Elements 2021 - a collection of three new packaged specialty coffee beans - Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic Fermentation, and Orange Fermentation.

As the name says, Carbonic Maceration includes a unique process in which the pulped coffee cherries are processed with carbon dioxide to induce bright, winey flavour notes. Carbonic Maceration is a new process in the Indian specialty coffee industry and one of the most unique offerings for coffee connoisseurs in the country.

Anaerobic Fermentation involves an interesting process. The coffee cherries are processed in a fully sealed and oxygen-deprived fermentation tank, which is further slowly dried to attain ideal moisture content for nutty and sweet flavour notes.

Orange Fermentation is a bonus to coffee and orange lovers. Both flavour profiles are perfectly blended and can be enjoyed together with these special coffee beans. In the process, the pulped coffee is fermented with fresh orange to attain citrusy and floral flavour notes.

The collection is inspired by the wine industry, bringing the brand’s philosophy - ‘The Chemistry of Coffee’ - to the forefront of each consumer’s experience. The aromas and tastes amalgamate to give you a whole new experience of artisan coffee.


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