Stay safe from coronavirus with Shycocan

Viral defence system, developed by Indian scientist-inventor Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, disables the entire family of coronavirus with up to 99.9% efficacy indoors

As India strategises for a post-Covid normal, it is evident that Covid care will have to coexist with elective surgeries and routine checkups. But patients hesitate for fear of infection as concerns about a third Covid-19 wave still continue. Besides the high risk of transmission, the immense pressure to serve during the pandemic that the frontline health workers faced; medical facilities, hospitals, path labs, and diagnostic centres have also taken on immense economic pressure. People being worried about the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus at these facilities land up delaying most elective surgeries, dental work, routine check-ups, and even pregnancies, so business has taken a hit. 

But that need not be the case anymore with the Shycocan Corporation, a viral defence system that can disable the entire family of coronavirus with up to 99.9% efficacy indoors. The technology has been tested for efficacy and safety across multiple global laboratories and installed at over 20,000 organisations across the world. 

Even before the pandemic hit us, Shycocan developed this defence system in 2018 after a decade of research by Indian scientist and inventor Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar. Shycocan covers an area of up to 1,000 sq ft of uninterrupted enclosed spaces, and one could simply use more devices for larger areas. It has no consumables or filters and consumes just as much electricity as a 40-watt light bulb, making it practically a low to no-maintenance cost device. It is effective for both surface and air-borne viruses and is backed by a global service and support network, besides a one-year replacement warranty.

The device aims to protect lives and livelihoods from current and future pandemics and make the world a safer place. In addition, its innovative technology helps bring business back to business and life back to normal safely and sustainably. Designed using a new photon mediated electron emission technology, it was tested across multiple accredited virology labs worldwide including TNO, Netherlands where the device was tested on the most resilient stainless-steel surfaces; at IIT Guwahati; and in Mexico, among other places.

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