Somany Ceramics: Redefining innovation and lifestyle

The newly launched bath fittings and accessories of French Collection by Somany are coated with physical vapour deposition technology to create uniform coated lines

For years, innovation has been at the centre of the offerings from Somany Ceramics. In fact, the company has redefined the Indian interior décor and tiles industry by understanding the evolving needs of customers and the trends in the market. “Innovation is our way to excellence. We implement the newest technologies in bathware and ceramic categories and design styles that range from contemporary to neo-classical. Our brands, Somany Signature and French Collection by Somany define innovation and trendy lifestyle. We have always pushed the boundaries of contemporary technology and brought in VC and slip-shields tiles. The newly launched bath fittings and accessories of French Collection by Somany are coated with physical vapour deposition technology to create uniform coated lines. Inspired by French aesthetic, the touchless product range in bathware signifies technological innovations,” informs Shrivatsa Somany, Business Head, Somany Bathware.

On how is the company adjusting its processes to cater to the increased demand as the hospitality business picks up, he says, “Post-pandemic, a significant rise has been observed in the travel and hospitality sectors. People are not confined to their homes anymore and are planning vacations at hotels. This spike in demand has led to restart of all Brownfield and Greenfield projects of hospitality sector which were stalled due to the pandemic. To match this increased demand, Somany has expanded its footprints in major parts of India. Being the leading Indian sanitary brand, we offer an extensive range of products across all our dealer stores to meet customer satisfaction at all levels.” 

Sharing his thoughts on how is Somany Ceramics different from its competitors in the hospitality sector, the Business Head of Somany Bathware says, “The purchasing power of people is increasing every day with a desire of seeking luxurious and unique products at the best price. Somany, being one of the most desired brands in India, is rapidly expanding its visibility/ network by appointing more dealers across India. The brand focusses on economic factors and dynamic trends which are inspired by traditional-modern arts. With enormous features of safety and design, our products meet all the demands of the hospitality industry and emphasise functionality and style which attracts the customer to washrooms.” 

On what to expect from the company for the hospitality sector in the near future, Somany shares, “We are leading the industry in design and innovation by proving affordable bathware products and tiles. Influencing the technological factors and hygiene policy, we have offered sensor and green products as also having introduced a PVD-coated range under the French collection - Elysees, Dimente and Smart bathroom accessories. The brand new categories are introduced with elegant and aesthetic features to redefine the overall look of a bathroom.”

“Crafted to perfection, our wide range of sanitary ware, faucets, fittings and accessories cater to those who appreciate finer things in life and décor solutions with widest product selection categories – Ceramic Wall and Floor, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Outdoor Tiles. Our varied range under French Collection and Signature Collection add elegance to the bathroom and are exclusively available to meet the hospitality sector’s demand,” informs Somany. 

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