Reducing Radiation Stress Factors and Improving Health

Stress is not bad in small doses. It is a response to life’s changes, good and bad. It helps us decide how to react and adapt to new circumstances. But over time stress can take a toll on us, physically and mentally.

LUXURY HOTELS worldwide are introducing measures to make their spaces healthier. Other than air quality, they are taking steps to negate the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiations (EMR).

The introduction of non-Wi-Fi rooms is for guests wanting to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Radiation-free spaces such as restaurants assure that the food served is of better quality health-wise.

There are many benefits of radiation also. We commonly use mobile phones, computers, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, tablets, televisions, microwave ovens etc. These 21st century tools are sources of radiation and, unknowingly, also pose a threat to mankind.

Many hotels in India, with ITC leading the pack, are conducting research into the effects of EMR and the steps to be taken to negate its influence.

Many perceptive travellers are realizing that by avoiding harmful effects of radiation they can reach the right comfort level essential for an improved quality of sleep, adding to their wellbeing and quality of life.

We sit in front of a computer at the workplace for hours, carry our mobile phone with us all day, eat our meals after warming them in the microwave oven, place the electronic alarm clock on the bedside table before sleeping at night, depend on wireless routers in our homes and offices and, in some cases live in the vicinity of a cellphone tower.

EMR emitted from these appliances or structures can lead to electromagnetic stress. Exposure to EMR creates an imbalance between our negative and positive ion-charged bodies leading to a harmful impact on our health. The resultant disturbance in normal cell functions causes an assortment of symptoms.

Stress is not bad in small doses. It is a response to life’s changes, good and bad. It helps us decide how to react and adapt to new circumstances. But over time stress can take a toll on us, physically and mentally.

What is electromagnetic stress? It is the result of harmful radiation produced by electrical and electronic instruments. The mobile phone produces high-frequency microwaves in the range of 900 Mhz to 1800 Mhz. Mobile phones also cause thermal effect. The thermic effect induces electric currents and increase in temperature in the body due to exposure to electromagnetic fields leading to cellular and DNA damage.

If our laptops or mobile phones can pick up a signal, the body and brain cells also receive those waves. As the mobile phone is held very close to the brain it increases the kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules of the brain and produces heat of one degree after 20 minutes of exposure.

Besides increase of stress levels following inconsistency in production of melatonin, a hormone which helps eliminate stress, some other possible consequences of the use of mobile phones include distortion of sleep cycles, headaches and migraines, difficulty in concentration, loss of memory, chronic fatigue, diminishing efficiency of immune system and diminishing recuperative power.

There are two sources of radiation. First is naturally occurring from the Earth, which has zones which have to be avoided due to concentrated mineral deposits, underground fissures, cavities and magnetic grids, also known as Hartmann Lines

The second source is Manmade, which are EMR and used to generate electricity, make food last longer, medical applications, and ensure modern connectivity and mobility, etc.

Depending on the dose, the effects of radiation can be mild or life-threatening. Repeated exposure, with few or no visible symptoms around that time, may cause problems later. However, measures to counter the effects of EMR are available.

Research in the field of radiation has progressed to secure protection from negative and harmful impact of Negative Earth EMRs on rising stress levels and wellbeing.

One such solution is Environics, developed after extensive research and practical applications. It corrects ill effects of geopathic radiations which affect about 20% of all living and working areas including quality of sleep, productivity and health.

After its introduction, Environics Radiation Protection Solutions have been implemented in more than 2,200 establishments. More than 20 hotels in India and some premium restaurants in London have used Environics to enhance their luxury and “we care” commitments to their customers.

Similarly, the Envirochip has beeen used by more than a million users already to mitigate ill effects of mobiles and other Wi-Fi devices without sacrificing signal quality and strength.

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