RMS setting new heights for luxury hotels with custom app integration

. RMS delivers bespoke development to complete an end-to-end digital guest experience

RMS Cloud worked closely with Setsu Niseko to facilitate the build of a custom app integration that aligns with the luxury hotels' brand and mission to offer a complete digital guest experience. The consulting partner was McLaren Technologies, who worked alongside RMS Cloud to deliver a branded mobile app with advanced features for guests, such as smart-room automation, guest services, instant check-in and mobile keys to connect guests digitally to the hotel. 

"We are excited to work with Setsu Niseko in delivering this project and contributing to the opening of this stunning property", said McLaren Technologies CEO Matthew White. "Setsu Niseko's luxury rooms and apartment suites offer elegant Japaneseinspired interiors fitted with the latest in guest experience technology." 

With 190 luxury hotel suites styled with a contemporary Japanese design, Setsu Niseko has mastered the essences of luxury and nature with panoramic views of the surrounding alpine landscapes. Set in one of the world's most beautiful locations, Setsu Niseko delivers unique and memorable guest experiences encapsulating a modern luxury hospitality experience. As a new luxury destination in Japan, Setsu Niseko required a custom-built guest facing app that delivered elevated, digital and contactless guest experiences. 

"With Niseko's growing prominence as Asia's top ski destination, accessibility and connectivity physically and digitally is of high importance," said Michiko Tamoto, Hotel Manager at Setsu Niseko. "The smart-room tablets and mobile app will allow us to have more meaningful, digital interactions with guests. We want our guests to enjoy the modern comforts and tech amenities they are accustomed to using while exploring the beautiful natural landscape surrounding our resort." 

The new technology has delivered professionality to the Setsu Niseko brand and a direct connection with guests via a user-friendly interface design. Setsu Niseko's stylish new app provides an end-to-end digital guest experience and speaks directly to the RMS software –creating operational efficiencies and service. 

"We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Setsu Niseko to deliver their bespoke technology. To have technology that speaks directly to your guests and staff so effortlessly will, no doubt, create lasting and elevated guest experiences at this incredible property," said Stephen Martin, Chief Sales Officer of RMS Cloud.


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