Motorised Pergolas: Bringing the outdoors in

Achal Nath, Managing Director, AMC Pvt Ltd speaks about the company's automation solutions for manufacturing processes

“It was during the lockdown period that I spent a month in Tijara, a Neemrana Heritage Hotel near New Delhi. With quality time at hand, I began researching on products that could be useful to the hospitality industry but were made in India. This resulted in the creation of innovative designs for motorised pergolas used extensively in the hospitality industry. Once we managed doing so, we used them in-house for the first time at Neemrana,” says Achal Nath, Managing Director, AMC Pvt Ltd. The company develops automation solutions for manufacturing processes, both from outsourced design service to full manufacturing. “In fact, we have supplied pergola to their new homestay project and are in the process of developing other areas at their various properties. Recently, we supplied motorised fabric pergolas to The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi and other clients as well,” he adds.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us more about your company…

We are an engineering company that has been in the field of factory automation and manufacturing of machine tools since 1947 and robotic automation since 1979. Our customers include Maruti, Toyota, Honda and Ford among others. We are a proud Make in India company and have supplied our machines and systems Pan-India with design and manufacturing capabilities being our core strengths. Our machines and systems are durable, long-lasting and economical and we always follow good practice and standards, be it our inputs, design or after-sales service. One of our associate companies works closely with heritage hotels. 

Since 1979, we have been in the field of robotic automation, supplying a number of complex automation solutions to the industry. AMC understands automation and therefore has full capability to handle automation and all related issues like sensor configuration and programming. Our goal is to enhance and enable the Indian industry by leveraging our expertise, experience in manufacturing, machining and industrial automation. With a strong culture of R&D and innovation, AMC has created a sustainable R&D system to consistently innovate and offer high engineered, design thinking based solutions to end-customers.

How many types of pergolas are available and what are their features?

We offer three types of pergolas: Aluminium Tiltable Louvre Pergola, Retractable Aluminium Louvre Pergola and Fabric Retractable Pergola. The roof of Aluminium Tiltable Louvre Pergola is made with tiltable louvres allowing for controlled sun, light and air below. The louvers can be tilted to 45, 90 and 135 degrees via remote control. Once closed, the roof becomes 100 per cent waterproof, with the water getting drained out through a system of gutters and pipes or columns. The Retractable Aluminium Louvre Pergola allows the flexibility to have an open, semi-open or fully closed roof. The aluminium roof proves advantageous in areas like outdoor live kitchens or barbeque and kitchen areas. The aluminium roof is fireproof and facilitates enough ventilation. 

The Fabric Retractable Pergola too allows the flexibility to have an open, semi-open or fully closed roof. We use world-renowned brand for outdoor marine grade quality fabric, Serge Ferrari which is UV-resistant, waterproof yet allows ample ventilation. It can be retracted via remote and gets stretched across aluminium purlins along the length of the structure. The structure and purlins are designed specially to provide maximum durability and strength. The fabric retractable pergolas are offered in five models: Eco, Eco Dome, Deluxe, Deluxe Dome and Deluxe Strong. Here also a system of gutters and pipes are used that facilitates 100 per cent waterproof coverage when the roof is closed. The Fabric Retractable Pergolas are ideal for outdoor patios, cafés, banquets, gardens and terraces. We can make customised pergolas to suit any dimensions or layout. 

Can you let us know more about CNC turret punching press machines?

CNC Turret Punching Press is an automatic machine tool equipped with a programme control system that can logically process the programme with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode it, so as to make the punching machine operate and process the parts. We have successfully supplied over 400 CNC turret punching press machines Pan-India as we are the only manufacturers in the country.

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