MakeMyTrip shares travel checklist for 2021

As second wave of coronavirus virus hits the country, MakeMyTrip shares a much-needed checklist to make your travel flexible, safe and seamless.

MakeMyTrip releases a checklist of travel products and solutions that Travellers should consider even as they exercise more caution while taking up their journey. With a promise to make end-to-end travel safe, contactless and secure, the company has introduced a slew of tech-integrated solutions to help travellers prioritize safety at all times. Here is the checklist.

Lock air fares as you firm up your air travelStaying watchful of the ongoing uncertainty and planning your air travel accordingly is the best that you can do as you firm up your travel dates. Lock fares and reserve their seats without paying for the actual price of the ticket upfront. With this flyers can also secure themselves against any price hike as they can purchase the ticket at the same locked-in price later. The service allows customers to lock airfares for one, three or seven days for a nominal fee – that later gets adjusted into the full price of the ticket at the time of the final purchase. Here’s a quick and easy resolve to buy time and same money on your air tickets!

Finding an answer for the quintessential question –‘What if’ the unforeseen happens a few days before the trip?: Bookable on MakeMyTrip, the Corona Protection Plan allows a traveller to cancel the holiday 72 hours prior to the travel date, in case she or her co-travellers tests positive. The booking amount is converted into a Holiday Gift Card for the full value with a validity of one year to ensure you make up for the lost time. 

COVID travel insurance a must to protect you or your loved ones: MakeMyTrip recently rolled out an option for COVID-19 insurance to secure travellers against any risk of infection during the trip. The option provides a coverage of INR 2 lacs (per customer) along with other benefits such as zero restrictions on room rent, consumables, post-hospitalization diagnostics etc. The insurance also covers hospitalization for 16 days post-travel in case of infection as it usually takes 14-15 days for the virus to surface. 

You need not worry about lugging your baggage to the airport: Travelling with baggage can be pretty exhausting, especially in times like now when safety and hygiene are non-negotiable. In a bid to make flying safe, convenient and hassle-free, MakeMyTrip has intrdocued a ‘door-to-door’ baggage transfer service for its customers. The new offering allows travellers to book an end-to-end baggage transfer service from the departing address to the destination address. While the service has been designed and developed with an aim to make baggage handling easy for all travellers, it is especially targeted at customers who may check-in with bulk luggage or need assistance otherwise at the airport –for instance, people moving cities, senior citizens among others.

Sanitizer, check on the app. Mask, check on the app. Your driver partner can now start the cab: To ensure that the driver partner and the rider have worn their masks properly, MakeMyTrip has ensured that the app available on the driver partner’s phone has a pre-installed AI-powered feature for ‘Optical Recognition’. Through this tech-proprietary tool, the driver-partner can only start the trip after proper mask usage is detected via a selfie. It also has optical character recognition technology to ensure the presence of sanitisers in the cabs. So, while you run your checks for sanitizer and masks while boarding a cab, this feature by MakeMyTrip ensures that there is no scope for comprising on the safety of its travellers or the driver partner. 

So, this summer, as you make travel plans with a promise to never let your guard down against the virus, ensure that you have ticked a few or all these travel solutions from your checklist.

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