Granuldisk: Making life easier in kitchens

The company is a ware washing expert for over 35 years, mainly working with solving larger kitchens’ ware washing requirements

Swedish company Granuldisk has a bold vision statement: ‘Saving the planet one drop at a time’. By supplying the highest performing and most sustainable ware washing solutions for commercial kitchens, the company enables customers to put the planet first while ensuring productivity and excellent working conditions for the ware washing staff. Combining high passion for sustainability with premium engineering ensures perfect wash results in just a few minutes. By minimising and even eliminating the need to pre-wash items before they enter the wash-up area, the use of water, energy and chemicals can be decreased up to an average 70 per cent when compared with other ware washing methods. The company is a ware washing expert for over 35 years, mainly working with solving larger kitchens’ ware washing requirements. 

“We’ve been noticing a big gap for the smaller kitchens, and knowing that they have been lacking a solution that handles both serve ware as well as dirty cookware like pots and pans made us go back to the drawing board to try and solve the issue at the earliest. We’re excited to finally be able to present a great, versatile, and efficient solution also for this customer group – the new X2 Lean Wash Center,” shared Rajendra Kankal, Regional Sales Director – Indian Sub-Continent.

Prep, cook and serve – and no more fuss with dirty dishes: The dual wash power in new X2 Lean Wash Center revolutionises the operation and flow of smaller kitchens. It handles both serveware and cookware. The best part is that it does so with minimum pre-washing and scrubbing, thanks to the efficient and high-pressure pump kicking in when washing pots and pans. 

“We believe X2 Lean Wash Center will be a big player in our portfolio and we look forward to filling more gaps in the market with our products in the future. We will continue to aim for making sustainable solutions, with minimum impact on our planet, making life easier in kitchens all over the world,” said Mikael Samulesson, President-CEO, Granuldisk.

X2 Lean Wash Center gives perfectly clean and sanitised wash results so that focus can be put on what the restaurant business is all about: cooking and serving delicious, nutritious food. The new X2 is recommended for kitchens serving up to 250 meals per serving. Granuldisk recently launched this unique market offering in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

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