Good run of winners in the North as Regional Jury meets for IHA 2020

Considering the current scenario, the jury realised that rough seas make for the greatest of sailors.

The Regional Jury from the North got together virtually on August 20, 2020 to find and celebrate the best among the nominees for the 5th edition of the BW HOTELIER Indian Hospitality Awards and Sumit 2020. Considering the current scenario, it also made them realise that rough seas make for the greatest of sailors. 

Headed by Suresh Kumar, Founder, KUE Management Services & Founder & Mentor ROSAKUE Hospitality, the North zone jury encompassed some of the finest people in the hospitality industry whose names carry a weight of infinite experience. 

Shadowing upon the incongruity of time, Kumar said, “The basic thing that came through all this was that how resilient the system is and how powerful the human mind is, that it can adapt and adopt. There was a huge balance in the home and work life considering the imbalances of the times.”

The other eminent names in the panel included, Chef Manjit Gill, President, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA), F&B Consultant & Advisor; Kamal Kant Pant, Principal & Secretary, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi; Naveen Jain, Nouvelle Knowledge Service; Sanjay Sharma, Founder & CEO, Blusalz Hospitality; Sunil Gupta, Secretary General, New Tourism Foundation; Hemant Mediratta, Founder, One Rep Global.  

India’s hotel industry is reimagining hospitality to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and in this need of the hour it’s the people who will join hands and sail through the rough tides together. Praising the brilliance with which each nominee had put forward their views, Suresh Kumar said, “The quality of content written by professionals and nominees was absolutely brilliant. For the first time, I saw such tremendous quality coming through. We went through each and every word and I can say with utmost certainty that industry is in capable hands that are not only passionate and enthusiastic but have tremendous knowledge of what is happening around.”

“It was very tightly contested. The scores only have one to two points of difference. It was difficult to say who is better than the other. People have gone out of their way, they have put efforts and it’s commendable,” stated Hemant Mediratta. 

Pouring light on the conduct of the IHA, Mediratta further expressed, “The process was extremely transparent, fair and ethical. The choice of the jury also added much of fairness to the process because none of them had their brand names or colleagues as nominees which makes all the difference. There were absolutely no biases. A great effort has been done for uplifting spirits in this somber time where people are going through job losses. To come up with this award in this time to motivate youngsters and hoteliers. BWH has played a large part in bringing everyone together.”

The nominees were judged on the basis of the questionnaire provided to them. Each and every candidate was bestowed with fair and square opportunity. The process was designed in such a way that winners were recognised based on merit with a fair and transparent judging process. Even though jurors had a hard time in deciding the finalists owing to the tough competition, the session was brimmed with wonderful insights and pearls of wisdom. 

Highlighting the BW Hotelier’s attempt to motivate and inspire people across the industry even in this dark hour, Naveen Jain said, “BW Hotelier has created a great platform. During this time when everyone is down and with industry not performing well, to motivate the professionals is a great thing especially, when everyone is struggling to survive. The number of nominations received shows the strength of BW Hotelier.”

Appreciating the journey and commitment of BW Hotelier, Sanjay Sharma commented, “BW Hotelier as a brand is unbiased, unconditional journalism for creating content for the professionals in the hospitality business. Over a period of time, BW Hotelier has become a knowledge center for sharing ideas and best practices at the same time, rewarding those individuals who go out of their way in creating a mark in their businesses and their professional careers.”

Sunil Gupta expressed, “In the need of the hour BWH stepped up their efforts and kept the industry together. I have a lot of expectations from this brand moving forward.”

BW HOTELIER’s 5th Indian Hospitality Awards will air live on BWHOTELIER.COM, across BW HOTELIER social media platforms: FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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