Easing off the hygienic burden of the hospitality industry

Viknesh Jain, CEO & MD of Euronics lists ways in which technology would help in easing off the hygiene burden of the hospitality industry

Cleanliness is an integral part of the hospitality industry, given the current scenario hotels all over the country have shifted their focus to hygiene. Each person who is working at the housekeeping staff needs to ensure that one wears a PPE Kit at all times especially while cleaning rooms that have other people staying. 

Technology comes into play here as it has made cleaning the hotels in order to make them spotless and virus free after a stay in a room. Disinfection and pest control need to be done on a more frequent basis now, all countertops need to be wiped every 30 minutes as they tend to be touched quite a lot. 

A few pointers mentioned below are the way that technology would help in easing off the hygiene burden of the hospitality industry:

Using contactless solutions in washrooms

Small steps taken, create a rippling effect in the years to come, the reason why one should start work by installing contactless taps and much more at the washrooms. As taps which have a faucet would cause transmission of germs but with the use of contactless solutions they can easily cut down on touch as well as helping out on water savings which is important as it is non-renewable resource. Hand dryers would also support sustainability by cutting down on the use of paper napkin waste. An antibacterial contactless hand soap dispenser and also a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser would act to the advantage of having a washroom that would ensure that germs aren’t transferred.  

Disinfecting rooms with proper technology

The pandemic has made us initiate practices that were uncommon earlier, from cleaning the house at least thrice in a week to doing the same activity thrice in a day our lives have surely seen a major shift. We have introduced the use of technology like disinfectant sprays as well as vacuum cleaners. Ensuring that all the corners are taken care of as the dirt tends to be found at the most unusual spots. 

The move from using more equipment for the housekeeping department like sanitization machines that would be used to clean countertops, rooms, washrooms and public areas. Disposable gloves can be used while cleaning the rooms.  

Ensuring social distancing in lobby areas

Use of social distancing stickers in areas where a large number of people would gather like kiosks at the coffee stands, booking counters, spa, hotel and restaurant entrances. They would verify that social distancing is practised as per government as well as WHO standards. Concierges at these points should also assure guests that the hotels are doing these tasks for their safety which is of utmost importance. 

Enlisting requirements 

Before making such huge decisions of installing equipements a list needs to be made of the ones that are required. An auditor or researcher amongst teams can look after brands that are available, make a pro con list of prices, product details and various other things. These would help in ascertaining the decision that the one they are making is the correct one. 

Staying the budget

We are operating our businesses on a shoestring budget and often there arises a situation wherein there is no other road than to make an investment as it's inevitable. The preparation for welcoming guests was going on way before the opening of restaurants and hotels were permitted to. From minimal touches of renovation, investments in contactless hygiene solutions, disinfecting the hotel especially the restaurants to lobby at regular intervals. These are places where money should be spent and one can limit spending on advertising and shift to more organic means of promoting the property. 

Frequency of hygiene checks

From concierges to the housekeeping staff and to the marketing team all of them need to have Covid tests at least twice a month. As well as regular temperature checks thrice a day in a booth so that it allows privacy. Sanitizing of hands as well belongings of the team members should be done while going and coming from the hotel compound. A contactless experience from the start of the stay - the check-in to dining and washrooms can be an aid in protecting the staff and the guests.  

Sustainability is an integral part of moving forward

Sustainable moves are made to create an impact in the centuries to come, we would be saving water, making the best use of current resources by causing minimal damage to our environmental surroundings. These initiatives can be used to attract more guests by promoting this on social media. They can also be talked about with media publications who can help in putting a word out to their readers. The hotel’s website can have a video of the hotel making the best out of limited resources as they can assist in making more sales. 

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