Dekton ultra-compact surfaces by Hafele

This evolution represents a technological and industrial leap that generates a revolutionary material

Häfele partners with the world's first ultra-compact surface manufacturer - Dekton® to offer you unique surfaces created through an innovative combination of 28 natural minerals found in nature. Its exclusive Ultra Compacting Technology replicates and enhances the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes over a millennium through exposure to high pressure and high temperature.

This evolution represents a technological and industrial leap that generates a revolutionary material and leading product capable of resisting scratches and stains, and surviving blowtorches, sun rays, icy storms, mildew and mold, all while looking good. Dekton surfaces are designed to be the toughest and most durable products in the market today with colours that replicate and reimagine everything that nature has to offer. With its large format slabs Dekton has the ability to fit into and redefine a multitude of applications - flooring, cladding, and facades for both inside and outdoors making it every architects' and designers' dream solution.

Sirius: Sirius, is a black that will bring realism and strength to any environment with its textured visual sensation and greenish touches. 

Sirocco: With a background sepia brown, you will be able to glimpse soft veins in soft shades that break the monotony of this timeless colour that represents the calm. 

Kelya: Kelya provides a finish inspired in the natural stone with a dark shade. Based on black marble with soft veins, it is presented as a warmth proposal. 

Aura15: Aura has a magnetic attraction. Fabulous veins are clearly drawn on a soft truncated white background evoking natural rock formation. Aura 15 is inspired by the famous Italian marbles Calacatta and Carrara which, with its winding veining, perfectly match elegance and trend. 

Liquid Sky: A swirling, marbled, cloud-like pattern which celebrates the scientific principles of fluid dynamics. Liquid Sky’s unique characteristics consist of a white base with flowing grey veins. The design explores the movement of gravity, the interplay of the elements, their matter, and pays homage to swirling energy and perpetual motion. 

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