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Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) is empowering its members with knowledge that stretches the realms of the hospitality industry

It was with the idea of developing the culinary profession and to promote culinary tourism as also to improve Indian cuisine on global platform continuously, Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) was formed. An independent, apolitical, non-religious and voluntary organisation, it is the only nodal body of culinary professionals representing chefs of India and is recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. IFCA works closely with the MoT and the National Council of Hotel Management and its catering and hotel management institutions in organising various culinary programmes. The organisation has also taken in its fold around 120 privately managed catering institutions to develop young chefs. 

Not this alone, it is the one and only national member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), the apex body of culinary professionals globally with over 10 million members recognised by 110 countries. “The face of culinary profession in India changed in March 2004 when IFCA was admitted successfully into the WACS. Chef Soundararajan and I took great pride and privilege in presenting India’s membership application for the 31st World Congress steering a whole new dimension to culinary development in India. We owe it to the continuous and unwavering support of government organisations, hospitality and educational institutions, sponsors, members and everyone attached with culinary association,” says Chef Manjit Gill who, in 1984, founded the first national chefs’ forum in Delhi and later, in 2003, led the way by organising regional forums into an amalgamated chef’s body that later became IFCA. As IFCA’s national president, the former corporate chef of ITC has successfully organised seven Biennial Chefs’ meets for chefs in India to meet chefs from across the world, known as International Chefs Conference.

“The main objective of IFCA is to live up to the general interest of the profession and to knit a closer link between the professionals, culinary institutes, allied food service industry professionals and to develop a high ethical standard of culinary art. IFCA is a forum dedicated to connecting culinary professionals across the geography of India with people and places with the knowledge they need to succeed,” explains Chef Gill.

With deference to Worldchefs directive that each country institutes certification programmes to facilitate the validation of Worldchefs Certification programme, IFCA, in consultation with certificate consultant Chef Michael Baskette developed a professional certification programme. “This programme is for student chefs, sous chefs, training chefs, pastry chefs, executive chefs and master chefs to validate the expertise of chefs at various career levels within the professional food service industry,” he informs.

Most recently, Chef Gill was in Abu Dhabi to attend the Worldchefs Congress & Expo, a meeting of 200 innovative exhibitors and 6,000 engaged visitors, creative brands and target buyers who got together at one place with the opportunity to compare and contrast products, negotiate rates and build relationships with trusted partners for unparalleled ROI. “The annual exhibition, in its third year, was the host to the 25nd Emirates International Salon Culinaire. It moved from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi in 2022 to become the ‘Expo’ component of the Worldchefs Congress & Expo. Education/ training, food, equipment and services for the catering industry were on display over four days for trade professionals and culinary students,” shares the veteran chef. He adds that since 1928, Worldchefs Congress & Expo has united a global community of chefs and cross-industry innovators to explore the past, present and future of the culinary trade. “Connecting with thought-leaders and key influencers from progressive, relevant industries for an immersive programme designed to promote collaboration, build relationships and set light to a shared vision for the future of hospitality,” he says.

IFCA, avers Chef Gill, is all focussed to march ahead with India as it takes on the world, even as it empowers each of its 10,000-plus members with the knowledge that stretches the realms of the hospitality industry, touching an empowering the lives of all who reach out to it.

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