Bathrooms take the centre stage

Queo by Hindware Limited offers the magic that can turn bathrooms as the highlight of conversations when showing off your homes

Bathrooms are no longer just a need for modern Indian homes. They can be your showstopper when it comes to making a style statement in comfortable living and upgraded lifestyle. With the importance of hygiene having been highlighted in the pandemic era, there is a collective consciousness amongst the modern Indian householders who are shifting their focus to advanced cleaner spaces around them, without compromising on the aesthetics of interiors. Bathrooms are not just a necessity now for the modern Indian homes, they are spaces which will define luxury.

Queo by Hindware Limited offers the magic that can turn bathrooms as the highlight of conversations when showing off your homes. People have evolved to appreciate art through and throughout spaces, so why should bathrooms be let off? With innovation meeting design in the best way possible, bathrooms can soon be the favourite place to unwind, relax and enjoy living in the moment.

Make bathrooms hassle-free and more hygienic through stylish closets

Touch-free water closets can be the rage in social circles as you take the lead in introducing a cutting-edge bathroom luxury product. Auto-flush and Foot Touch Flush water closets equipped with futuristic sensor-based technology, allow you to set your washroom needs just right - with a mere wave of your hand. The premium design takes the look and feel of your bathroom to another level, creating a unique personalised space with an endearing appeal. Choose a closet from either wall-mounted or floor-mounted options, which is compact, comfortable and compliments your design palette.

Showers turn into your favourite time for self-care

Showers can rejuvenate your body and mind after a stressful day. But in the contemporary households, showers need not be limited to just serving a refreshing bath. With sleek designs, futuristic finish and bold features, your bathroom turns into an art deco highlight as your fall in love with your perfect corner to unwind and be yourself. Showers are available with multiple flow settings to suit your mood. Shower panels come with lights, flexible attachments and features which attune themselves to your changing needs.

Make the first impression have a lasting impact

Faucets are the first element of our bathrooms meeting the eyes of those entering the space. With an interesting faucet, your artistic choice marries into innovation, leaving a long lasting impression on the minds of your guests as you set the tone of your design. Automated flow, through sensor activated water-release features in your faucets, also help in conserving water while giving added hygiene by removing the need of touching the faucet, and this can certainly become a brownie point for the modern Indian homes. Faucets with sleek design and creative finishes, complete the aesthetics of your contemporary bathroom.

Set a theme to start unwinding

Basins have become the canvas for the contemporary Indian bathrooms. With multifarious designs, textures, dimensions and style, basins can become the focal point of your artistic musings in the loo. Use accessories and cohesive elements which boost the feel of your basins, like succulents, framed mirrors, and gravel matching your moodboard, while designing the bathrooms. Basins can become that one element in your bathroom which makes you stop and take a second look.

Functionality and superior hygiene solutions will now meet art in your bathrooms. Your personal space shall upgrade itself to become in-tune with ‘you’.


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