American Standard EasySET: For ultimate showering experience

It elevates your shower experience to a brand-new level of enjoyment and convenience

International sanitaryware brand American Standard has introduced EasySET. With American Standard EasySET, showering is as simple as pressing a button. Get ready for a shower experience unlike any other, with an intuitive and convenient on/off push-button and a dial that easily adjusts water volume.

American Standard EasySET is designed to elevate shower experience to a brand-new level of enjoyment and convenience for everyone. By integrating ergonomic designs and smart engineering, a comfortable and relaxing shower is now an everyday experience with just a convenient push and turn of a button. Now one can customize their perfect shower by simply pre-setting the preferred temperature and volume of water and can enjoy the same shower experience each time, with EasySET.

The key features of American Standard EasySET, that ensure a delightful shower experience are the EasyClick and the DuraShine. The EasyClick allows you to switch between spray modes with an instinctive button. The shiny chrome finish of the American Standard EasySET gives it an enduring brilliance and comes from the DuraShine. Say goodbye to the traditional turning of shower knobs or adjusting of levers to get your preferred water flow each time you take a shower. American Standard EasySET is a breeze to use in the shower as it incorporates users’ comfort, intuitive functionality and aesthetics for the modern bathroom.


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