‘We will not let any restaurant shut in India’

Krunal Oza, Founder-CEO, Hustlers Hospitality, says he aims to take leverage of rising Cloud Kitchen industry using the already invested kitchen real-estate to ensure no food outlet ever downs its shutter

One of the most organised and profitable Cloud Kitchen companies with 36-plus brands of Cloud Kitchens and QSR brands with 400-plus Internet restaurants, HustlersHospitality, provides consumers what they want: flavour, convenience, speed and flexibility. The experienced team at Hustlers Hospitality with close to a decade of F&B consulting expertise assists you at every step to help you set up your business.

Talking about how does Hustlers Hospitality function and is there any recap of the pandemic’s impact on business so far, Krunal Oza, Founder-CEO, Hustlers Hospitality, says, “As a company, Hustlers Hospitality was incorporated and came into existence during the lockdown period when most high street chain of restaurants were shutting down due to high rentals and negligible footfalls. Nowadays, people prefer multiple cuisines and it is here our Cloud Kitchens step in to satisfy this need and offer the consumers exactly what they are looking for – taste, convenience, speed, and flexibility. Through Cloud Kitchens, families can order a variety of combos catering to the tastes of every individual from a particular location. Looking at the rising food delivery business during the lockdown, hygiene and food at comfort have become customers’ top choices. In fact, even though lockdown has eased out; most people continue to order online instead of dining in due to the looming threat of contracting the virus.

On how to make a Cloud Kitchen business work, Oza advises, “If you use the same equipment for multiple menu items, the burnout is high hence good quality and branded equipment are recommended. When you have a lot of ingredient crossovers between menu items, stock up (at reduced cost). More importantly, you can easily keep food waste at a minimum because your inventory turnover is higher than that of dine-in establishments. Then, create a brands’ category-wise name, which has the category mentioned in suffix or prefix of the brand name and not generic names which do not showcase the cuisine category. For example, ABC Biryani rather than ABC Darbar or XYZ Pizzas rather than XYZ Fast Food. And to reduce costs, try to automate as many Back of House (BOH) processes as you can.”

Oza shares that their USP is the business model itself. “We scale our brand presence majorly through our “Growth Hack model” which is a compelling plan of action to earn incremental sales/ additional profit from a new line of business venture using already invested real estate, kitchen equipment and manpower. We help existing restaurateurs start up multiple Cloud Kitchen brands from existing kitchens to gain more orders through online delivery.” 

The founder-CEO of Hustlers Hospitality says the goal is to bring international Cloud Kitchen brands to India and take Hustlers brand international through the “Growth Hack” model. “We are already present in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Surat, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Patna and Darbhanga and are in talks as well as on a closure deal to collaborate with a Dubai-based chain of restaurants to list Hustlers Hospitality food brands at their restaurant kitchens in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by this year-end. Cloud brands will be operated using the same restaurant kitchen and will pre-dominantly operate through online aggregators,” he adds.

On his vision and future plans, Oza shares, “Our vision is to ‘NOT LET ANY RESTAURANT IN INDIA SHUT’ and instead take the leverage of the rising Cloud Kitchen industry using the already invested kitchen real-estate. Also, to be the most organised and profitable cloud kitchen brand for an existing restaurateur to get into, for incremental sales by growing their online food delivery exponentially.”


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