The European Union, Chef Guntas offer blindfolded dinner experience with 'A Blind Date with EU'

Chef Guntas highlighted authenticity, quality, safety and sustainability

The European Union, along with one of India’s most renowned chefs Chef Guntas, hosted this week an exclusive, one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Through the experience of a unique blind tasting dinner, named ‘A Blind Date with EU’, the audience had the opportunity to taste and smell a fresh, beautiful, and delectable variety of ingredients from different Member States of the European Union.

The evening, which was hosted at the CinCin in Mumbai, started off with Chef Guntas taking the audience through a very interesting session highlighting European Food and the rich heritage behind it. Food from the European Union is a lot more than just food, and in her presentation Chef Guntas brought that alive by highlighting authenticity, quality, safety and sustainability of each ingredient.

The evening from there comprised of a complete and delectable three-course meal that was curated by Chef Guntas and the European Union. Each dish was created with the intention of highlighting one hero ingredient. Some of the dishes that were served were the Insalata Rucola salad which were made from the most delicious Morgana Apples from Italy, the Tagliere Di Formaggi, an exquisite pasta with the rich, fruity Kalamata Olives from Greece, the classic Napoli pizza accompanied with a flavoursome chilli oil made with the extra virgin olive oil from Portugal and finally a decadent Torta Di Formaggio, a raspberry cheesecake made with the juiciest raspberries from Netherlands.

The entire evening was a sensory overload experience for each guest present there as they sampled different ingredients and dishes, with a blindfold, each with a distinct flavour profile.

More Than Food campaign ambassador Chef Guntas said, “Ingredients from the European Union showcase the richness and diversity of the European culture. ‘A Blind Date with EU’ gave the audience a chance to explore this richness and variety. Each ingredient is so distinct and so versatile that it became very easy for me to work with it and create these delicious dishes. The entire evening was a complete delight on the taste buds. My journey with the More Than Food campaign in India as the campaign ambassador has been extremely enriching and I am so lucky and honoured that I have had the opportunity to not only learn about ingredients from the EU, but also work with them and create some wonderful culinary experiences.”


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