'Shahi dawat' from the heartland of India

The GT Road offers cuisine of UP, which is as diverse as the state itself

With everyday modernisation of lifestyle, staying true to its roots The GT Road aims to keep the pot stirring with authentic traditional flavours and aromas that kept the traders along the route well fed and satiated. The place takes you back in time with the visuals around the place telling a story of its own.

One-of-a-kind space is marked by a diverse food and cultural menu with 100 plus dishes featuring a gastronomical journey of 2,600 km that traces Asia’s oldest highway running between Kabul and Chittagong passing through regions that have a treasure-trove of flavours to share.

The GT Road offers to relish good old meals imbued with traditional flavours and cooking techniques, skills and applications to use ingredients to recreate those culturally-rich dishes like the grills and barbeques of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the fish fry of Amritsar, the Nawabi cuisine of Delhi and Agra, the MacherJhol in Kolkata cooked with fresh spices and relished with fermented breads and lucchis.

Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India is well known for its diverse culture and traditions. The cuisine of UP is as diverse as the state itself and reflects the culinary influences of Delhi, Uttarakhand, and Haryana. From rich Mughlai dishes to traditional Awadhi cuisine, GT Road presents a curated menu that celebrates the best of UP's signature dishes.

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