‘My career has been extremely rewarding yet challenging’

Rajneesh Kumar, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort has completed 15 years with Marriott International

A short drive away from the Delhi International Airport, nestled among nature is Courtyard by Marriott Aravali, which opened last year. Managing this stunning property efficiently is Rajneesh Kumar, who has completed 15 glorious years with Marriott this year. Speaking about his journey, Kumar says, “It’s been a rewarding and fruitful journey of decade and a half wherein I have endeavored to contribute my best and enjoyed the recognition that came along. Needless to say, like any other career, the one that I have had the opportunity to experience has been extremely rewarding yet challenging.” 

Kumar started his journey in 2008 as Restaurant Operations Manager, before being appointed as pre-opening F&B Manager at Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon. He climbed up the ladder fairly quickly and grew up to be the Director of F&B in less than the usual amount of time, Kumar shares. “One of the major milestones I believe was the opportunity to become a General Manager in less than 10 years of my career with Marriott and that has helped me grow and significantly added to my career graph,” he avers. 

When it comes to the hospitality profession, Kumar deeply resonates with the culture of ‘atithi devo bhava’ or ‘Guest is God’ as this has been imbibed in him since he was a child. “I believe hospitality is the only profession that allows you to truly follow that. It is an absolute privilege to be in the travel and hospitality sector. There is nothing more satisfactory for me than meeting each and every guest expectation and to continue to deliver outstanding experiences through each and every day,” he adds. 

As is true of any industry, a certain skill set is required to be successful in the hospitality industry. According to Kumar, “The basic skill one must have is the ability to motivate, encourage and inspire people around you. Hospitality as a profession can get mundane at times, especially for young people who join in. The only way I believe I can make a difference is by motivating and inspiring associates along the way. It is imperative to be passionate and to love what you do and that is what I intend to pass on to the future generations.” 

He adds that the simplest tip he would like to give out is to apply common sense over applying common practice. “It is easy in a profession like ours to go with the flow and keep practicing the same age-old practices. If there is something that can be done in a better way or format in today’s day and age, with more ease that can elevate a guest experience, I vouch for that,” he explains. 

Sustainability is an important part of how the hospitality industry operates today. Kumar says, “When you’re running a large scale business you need to be responsible. Sustainability in today’s time is the most important aspect that any hospitality chain needs to consider and prioritise. You need to be mindful about the use of resources along with your carbon footprint. Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort is committed towards being responsible and we have taken multiple steps that would help us in reducing our carbon footprint along with doing business that is sustainable. The core elements for us revolve around reducing waste, saving energy and cutting down on our water consumption.”


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