Films Play a Major Role in Promoting Destinations but They Need to be Taken Care of

The eminent panel discussed the impact of films in promoting and reimagining tourist destinations.

ON THE opening note, Shoba Mohan said that films are the answers to marketing, they promote destinations. Further she asked the panel that how is their business connected to the films and how business impacts films & vice versa.

The panellists included Sujoy Mukerji, Director, Filmalaya Studios & Chairman, Joy Mukerji Production, Tanuj Garg, Managing Partner, Ellipsis Entertainment, Vishesh Khanna, Vice President - Sales (India & Overseas Markets), Vistara - TATA SIA Airlines, Pushan Kripalani, Filmmaker, Theatre Director & Cinematographer, Rajeev Nangia, COO, TRAC Representation India Pvt Ltd, Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. Executive VP & GM, The Imperial New Delhi. The panel discussion was moderated by Shoba Mohan, Founder Partner, Rare India.

"It goes hand-in-hand, we get great potential with films. Our architecture works with the shoot requirements and they get the privacy. We have also generated great amount of revenues through films" said Vijay Wanchoo

Sujoy Mukerji shared his experience of going to beautiful places to shoot for a film and how it promoted the destination for the audience to visit that place.

"Indian audiences are highly adaptive of what they see on the big screen" said Tanuj Garg. He also gave endless examples of cohesive marketing schemes for film and destination promotions.

Vishesh Khanna gave insights on how films have helped them to promote their brand and create revenues as well. "When the destination is famous, we play along to support, like extending our airline's destinations" he added.

Asking about the disasterous effects that some destinations have suffered due to over-crowding or garbage issues, Mohan asked the panellists their take on the issue.

Sujoy Mukerji said, "A message at the end of the film can be included to take care of the property, as a film maker we can give the message to enjoy but also to take care of the destinations."

Pushan Kripalani shared his shooting experience where the locales gave instructions to manage the garbage and said "it is a combination of personal's and locale's responsibilty if we are engaging with the destination".

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