Vivanta New Delhi Dwarka organising Biryani Festival

The festival is being held at Indus Express and is set to conclude on June 30

Vivanta New Delhi, Dwarka, is holding a one-of-a-kind Biryani Festival. The 14-day-long affair is bringing together 10 different biryanis from five parts of the country to celebrate the rich culinary heritage of India.

This one-pot meal is a comfort dish. Guests can relish the exotic flavours of authentic biryani from different states of India at Indus Express during this festival. Inspired by the ancient spices and traditional biryani recipes from Dhaka, Kerala and Hyderabad, the restaurant aims to take guests through a journey of these signature biryanis.

Culinary experts at Indus Express have curated the menu under the guidance of the festival curator and in-house Chef Sardar Hasan. The menu offers non-vegetarian classics like the Hyderabadi Gosht Dum Biryani, Mumbai Jhinga Biryani and Dhakai Kacchi Biryani along with some vegetarian classics like Nizami Tarkari Biryani and Kathal Ki Biryani.

Chef Hasan said, “I have tried not to alter the origin and authenticity of the different preparations to maintain the simplicity.”

The festival, which is set to conclude on June 30, promises to offer food connoisseurs of Delhi-NCR an array of exquisite vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavoured biryanis from across India.


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