Virtual Hangout and Rewards App ‘Togeth૪ing’ redefining hospitality sector

Togeth૪ing has introduced instant coupons during co-watching and co-listening session

Togeth૪ing, an innovative app at the forefront of reshaping virtual social connectivity, has made waves since its launch earlier this year. Its latest feature enhances the user experience by allowing friends and family to seamlessly enjoy movies, music, and interactive conversations as if they were physically together, with just a quick scan of a QR code and a shared link. This simplicity underscores the app's commitment to user-friendly design and accessibility.

Taking the co-action experience to new heights, Togeth૪ing introduces instant coupons during co-watching and co-listening sessions. These coupons offer exclusive advantages to participants, creating a dynamic and rewarding virtual environment. Users can now indulge in their favourite entertainment while also reaping the benefits of shared experiences. Togeth૪ing isn't merely a virtual hangout; it's a space where co-action translates into tangible rewards.

These coupons encompass a range of exciting offers, including discounts at restaurants and other hospitality outlets. By doing so, Togeth૪ing is redefining hospitality interactions and customer engagement. Speaking about the rationale behind introducing restaurant coupons within the app, Founder Maadhav Bhide stated, "It's the easiest way to reward the user. It is a straightforward and efficient method of incentivising users. Unlike other reward systems that may require complex mechanisms or extensive point accumulation, offering discounts on food is immediate and universally appealing. Food is a necessity, and offering discounts on it ensures everyone benefits according to their preferences. It's an endless commodity for a rewards program."

Togeth૪ing has forged partnerships with reputable establishments, many of which have seen a positive impact on their business. Maadhav Bhide explained, "Our interactive capabilities enable businesses to gamify their offerings, driving engagement, data collection, and entertainment simultaneously. This leads to increased foot traffic, brand engagement, and heightened brand awareness." He added, "Initially, the concept seemed daunting as it's rare to gamify content collaboration and interactivity while offering rewards from partner restaurants to users. However, the response, though cautious, has been a success. We're witnessing a noticeable and exciting increase in walk-ins."

Ensuring utmost security, Togeth૪ing allows users to connect through various channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Email with their social circles. This commitment to a 100% secure platform reinforces trust, fostering authentic two-way communication that mirrors in-person interactions closely. With safety and security prioritized, users can engage with confidence, knowing that their privacy is respected. By combining entertainment, rewards, and security, Togeth૪ing creates an inclusive environment where users can connect, engage, and enjoy shared experiences to the fullest.

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