VietNom opens second outlet in Worldmark, Gurugram

Get ready to experience authentic Vietnamese food with VietNom

Vietnamese restaurant VietNom has opened the doors of their second outlet at Worldmark Gurgaon, the upcoming hub of the city. VietNom is set to bring unique delicacies and the true taste of Vietnam to the city with its culinary offerings.

VietNom offers a refreshing take on Vietnamese cuisine, the menu attempts to offer something fresh, something that is vibrant, eclectic and memorable. The new outlet also features a new menu and the must try there are the Vietnamese White Rose Dim Sums, Spicy Galangal Chicken Skewers, Char Grilled Pork Ribs, Bun Cha, Shrimp Mousse on Sugarcane amongst other traditional Vietnamese dishes. The chefs at the restaurant use only the freshest ingredients which are directly sourced from Vietnam and carefully selected to ensure that each dish is bursting with flavour and authenticity. To make their food truly unforgettable, the chefs even travel to Vietnam to acquaint themselves with the right ingredients and right techniques. Along with authentic food the cocktail menu is also well thought of and is segregated in two themes, GOAT- where the cocktails are dedicated to the greatest artists of all time and Vietnamese Signature- where each cocktail is inspired by indigenous ingredients of Vietnam. 

The food is not the only element that will impress diners at VietNom. The restaurant’s interior is truly unique and showcases the beauty of Vietnamese culture. The green and brown walls, along with the glass work creates a soothing environment that is both welcoming and unique. The subtle Vietnamese vibes are evident in each corner of the space, with raw, rustic and natural details elevating the entire area. One of the most exciting features of the restaurant is the waterbody table made of stone, which has a mechanism of rotating water that adds to the visual appeal. The table creates a mesmerising effect that is sure to leave diners in awe. The giant Vietnamese artwork which adorns the walls further elevates the space. The new outlet has extensive space to host 92 diners. In addition to the inside area which can host 62 covers, the restaurant also features an alfresco space for 30 covers and it is perfect for those who want to enjoy their meals in fresh air while savouring the beautiful view. VietNom is a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and even for hosting corporate events. 

At the launch, Sahil Sambhi, Founder of VietNom said, “We are excited to bring authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the city. We always wanted VietNom to be an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, one that is truly a shadow of Vietnam away from Vietnam. Our team of experts have worked hard to create a welcoming space that showcases the beauty of Vietnamese culture. We look forward to hosting our guests at the new outlet in Worldmark Gurugram. After Gurugram, our next stop would be Delhi, Goa and Mumbai.”


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