Vendmart by WAE: Innovative vending machines set to transform the retail landscape

As an advocate for sustainable practices, WAE has taken into consideration the issue of plastic waste

Leading provider of innovative and sustainable solutions, WAE has made its foray into the vending machine market with the launch of Vendmart. With a commitment to providing alternative solutions to the current challenges faced by retailers and mass sellers, WAE aims to transform the vending industry through its cutting-edge technology and design expertise.

"We recognised the existing issues with traditional retail selling practices and saw an opportunity to leverage our technological excellence to offer a unique vending solution," said Anupam V Joshi, Founder and Managing Director, WAE Ltd. "Vendmart is a result of our commitment to innovation and our dedication to delivering a superior user experience."

Vendmart stands out from conventional vending machines with its special capabilities and features. The highlight of Vendmart is its single-cup tea brewing system, a first-of-its-kind in India, enabling users to enjoy freshly brewed tea customised to their taste preferences. From the quantity of milk to the desired level of sweetness, Vendmart offers a personalised tea experience. In addition, the machine's snack dispensing feature can be customised to suit the specific requirements of businesses, making it an ideal vending partner for FMCG companies.

As an advocate for sustainable practices, WAE has taken into consideration the issue of plastic waste. The Vendmart vending machines are made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring a reduction in plastic usage and contributing to environmental preservation.

Vendmart offers a wide variety of products to cater to diverse consumer preferences. In addition to a range of beverages, including tea, Vendmart provides snacks, healthy breakfast options such as oats, muesli, and poha, as well as liquor dispensing capabilities. This versatility enables businesses to meet the demands of their customers conveniently and efficiently.

The incorporation of advanced technologies enhances the user experience and ensures smooth operations. Vendmart enables cashless transactions through QR codes, Paytm, and GPay options, enabling seamless and secure payments. Furthermore, remote inventory management features allow businesses to monitor and manage their vending machines efficiently.

Working closely with businesses and organisations, WAE aims to provide a comprehensive vending solution tailored to their specific requirements. "We understand that each client has unique needs for their pantry solution," stated Joshi. "WAE will work closely with businesses to design and implement the ideal vending setup, allowing them to focus on inventory management while we handle the operations seamlessly."

While Vendmart's success in reducing plastic waste and its environmental impact is in its early stages, WAE has already made strides in deploying vending machines. Nestle, a renowned multinational company, has partnered with WAE and installed Vendmart machines in educational institutions across Maharashtra, marking the beginning of a positive shift towards sustainable vending practices.

As WAE continues to disrupt the vending industry with its Vendmart machines, it aims to empower businesses, reduce plastic waste, and provide an unmatched user experience. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures a promising future for Vendmart and the vending industry as a whole.


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