Unlock Your Hotel's Potential with Agoda's Partner Hub

Top pro-tips specially crafted for hotel partners to attract guests and generate more bookings

In today's dynamic hospitality world, it's crucial for hotels to thrive in the digital landscape. At Agoda, we understand that maintaining a robust online presence while managing costs is paramount. That's why we've tailored our Partnerhub.agoda.com to cater to the modern hotelier of any size, providing a powerful toolkit designed to enhance property performance and attract the right guests effortlessly.

Insights, business solutions and ways to optimize reach are shared and explored on Agoda's Partnerhub. Don’t have access to the Partnerhub yet? Check out our previous article here, explaining Agoda’s 30-minute onboarding program. 

Here are three top pro-tips specially crafted for hotel partners to attract guests and generate more bookings:

  1. Optimize Your Property Page: Your property page is the digital welcome mat for potential guests, and it's where they make their booking decisions. To stand out from the competition, consider these strategies:
    • Showcase your property with high-quality images, well-lit and accurately portraying your exterior, rooms, amenities, and surroundings.
    • Highlight your property's strengths by selecting relevant hotel and room facilities. Emphasize what sets your property apart, such as its location, services, and atmosphere.
    • Make it easy for guests to find your listing by choosing the appropriate property type and category.
    • Provide flexibility to guests by creating various room types and rate plans. For instance, offer options like "Deluxe City View Room with Breakfast."
    • Stay competitive by regularly updating availability and rates using the Agoda YCS Extranet dashboard.
    • Build traveler confidence with a clear and concise cancellation policy.
  2. Find the right marketing solution for your budget and needs: Agoda has a range of tailormade tools to optimize your inventory and get your property in front of customers, such as the Agoda Growth Program, Agoda Growth Express, and Sponsored Listings.
     The Agoda Growth Program for example comes with the Preferred Partner Logo, higher cashback rewards for your guests, boosts in visibility, advertising perks and more. All contributing to better visibility and a stronger value proposition for your guests. 
  3. Collect and Respond to Reviews: Guest reviews wield tremendous influence over booking decisions. Here's how you can leverage them to your advantage:
    • Encourage guest reviews by sending thank-you emails or reminders through the Agoda Extranet dashboard.
    • Demonstrate your commitment to improvement by responding promptly and professionally to feedback, especially negative comments. Offer solutions when possible.
    • Turn reviews into valuable insights. Analyze your property's strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and make the necessary changes to enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Agoda's Partner Hub is a comprehensive solution to help establish a commanding online presence. The diverse insights and solutions empower to make informed, profitable decisions in the digital realm. With access to a network of 3.9 million hotels and holiday properties worldwide, Agoda opens the door to a global audience.

Join Agoda today to use Partnerhub.agoda.com and take your hotel's success to new heights in the digital age!


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