The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore offers 'Samurai Spirits' experience with Elliot Faber

Elliot, co-founder of Sake Central is considered the world’s leading advocate for sharing sake culture internationally

Elliot Faber at Samurai Spirits, The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

In a bid to appeal to cocktail enthusiasts and sake aficionados, the upscale dining establishment IZU at The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore is hosting an event called "Samurai Spirits." The event, set to commence on September 28, 2023, boasts the presence of Elliot Faber, sake and cocktails master, known for his SAKE SAMURAI title conferred by the Japan Sake Brewers Association. 

Elliot Faber, who previously worked at Michelin-starred Yardbird Hong Kong and RŌNIN restaurants, will be joining forces with Gormei, a Culinary Experiences Curator based in Hong Kong and Kolkata. 

Dubbed "Samurai Spirits," this event claims to celebrate the art of sake and expert mixology, aiming to fuse Peruvian and Japanese flavours to create a unique and immersive experience. “I look forward to spreading Japanese beverage culture in India by way of Japanese craft alcohol, highballs, and craft cocktails in collaboration with international spirits brands at The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore,” said Elliot, who is co-founder of Sake Central, the world’s leading advocate for sharing sake culture internationally. Elliot is also a published author, sommelier, IWC judge, WSET sake educator, and senior whisky advisor to Zachys Wine Auctions. 

Chef Noel Adrais, with over two decades of experience in Japanese cuisine, will collaborate with Faber to create an unforgettable culinary experience. It is left to be seen whether Chef Noel's modern interpretations of Japanese dishes and Faber's handcrafted cocktails and sake pairings will live up to the hype.


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