The Clarks Hotels & Resorts enters Dechu with Clarks Exotica

Clarks Exotica is a luxurious campsite comprising 40 luxury deluxe Swiss tents, equipped with all the modern amenities, catering to different travel needs

The Clarks Hotels & Resorts has opened the doors of its property, Clarks Exotica in Dechu, Rajasthan. The brand strengthens its footprints in the desert land and aims for the upscale leisure market. They are aiming for an optimum occupancy level by the end of the calendar year 2023.

India’s rising middle class and increasing disposable income have supported the growth of domestic and outbound tourism. As per one report by 2028, Indian tourism and hospitality are expected to earn US$ 50.9 billion as visitor exports compared with US$ 28.9 billion in 2018. The travel market in India is projected to reach US$ 125 billion by FY27 from an estimated US$ 75 billion in FY20. Rajasthan has always witnessed a massive inflow of both domestic and international tourists. The state is heavily dependent on tourism with 40% of its population directly or indirectly involved in it.

Clarks Exotica is a luxurious campsite comprising 40 luxury deluxe Swiss tents, equipped with all the modern amenities, catering to different travel needs. The camps are located within the Thar Oasis campsite which is the most sought-after campsite in the entire Thar Desert region. It is specially designed for travelers who along with camping want to experience many other activities. The campsite offers a desert safari, picnic, campfire, camel ride, village walk, dinner on dunes, desert sports, and stargazing.

The rooms are appointed with elegant interiors and regal furnishings, ensuring the guests have a remarkable time in the Thar Desert. The Bridge, an on-site multi-cuisine restaurant, combines flavors and sensations from across the globe. Along the restaurant, the campsite provides specially crafted dining experience choices to the guests, such as breakfasts in the bush, picnics in the wilderness, lunches by the oasis, and romantic nights beneath the stars. The property also has a luxurious spa, with well-trained masseurs.

Rahul Deb Banerjee, Vice President, The Clarks Hotels & Resorts, shares, “As a part of corporate strategy we are expanding both nationally and internationally. We are present in almost all the states of India and have recently opened this campsite in Dechu. Travelers are seeking out new and different experiences. Through this campsite, we are going to offer a plethora of personalized experiences to the guests. We are price-conscious and believe in providing value for money to our travelers. This is the best time to be in the tourism industry, with the Indian government pushing tourism, and the pandemic has changed the attitude towards traveling, the coming days will witness a further increase in tourism. We are also trying to push staycations, and long stays, keeping the price factor in mind. We are sure we are going to receive a phenomenal response from this city.”


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