Tech boost propels Madhya Pradesh hotels to record revenue

Hotels in the state are constantly adapting to meet the demands

Indias Rudraksha Club & Resort

Madhya Pradesh, renowned as the 'Tiger State of India' and home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Sanchi, Khajuraho, and Bhimbetka, is experiencing a surge in hotel revenue, online sales, and direct bookings, thanks to innovative technology solutions provided by New Zealand-based hospitality company STAAH.

Hotels in the state are constantly adapting to meet the demands of a growing number of domestic and international tourists. Seeking to optimise operations and enhance guest experiences, many have turned to STAAH for its cutting-edge, user-friendly technology solutions.

Among the standout success stories are Enrise Hotels by Sayaji Group in Indore, Anjushree Hotel in Ujjain, and Rudraksh Club and Resort, also located in Ujjain.

Enrise Hotels, leveraging STAAH’s Max Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and RatesTalk, experienced an impressive 80–85 per cent growth in repeat business. The technology empowered staff to efficiently manage daily rates and inventory in real time, eliminating manual errors. Aditya Patel, Group Revenue Manager at Sayaji Group, emphasised the transformative impact: "Before embracing STAAH as our channel manager, managing daily rates and inventory was an enormous challenge. The automation has been a game-changer for us, making our daily operations seamless and efficient."

Anjushree Hotel adopted a range of STAAH’s tech solutions, resulting in streamlined operations and increased online sales. Amitava Saha, General Manager of Anjushree Hotel, noted the positive impact: "STAAH’s technology integration has made a worthy impact on our business. Our online sales have shot up, and several of their features, like dynamic pricing, stop-sell limits, etc., have come in handy in helping us deal with the business more efficiently.

Rudraksh Club and Resort, aiming to expand its reach and enhance its online presence, partnered with STAAH to utilise the Max Channel Manager. This move led to a 35 per cent boost in direct bookings and strengthened the resort's online reputation. Prabir Kumar Mohanta, Sales Head at Rudraksh Club and Resort, praised the user-friendly platform: "The strategic approach helped us solidify Rudraksh Club and Resort’s position as a market leader here."


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