Solo travel on rise this monsoon season: ixigo data reveals 62% YoY increase

According to ixigo booking data, travel during the monsoon season this year has experienced a 70% increase compared to 2022

This year, travellers have shown a strong preference for monsoon travel, with Bengaluru, Goa, Srinagar, Coorg and Pune emerging as the top domestic destinations. These locations offer diverse experiences and breathtaking beauty during the monsoon season, attracting a significant number of visitors. On the international front, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai have stood out as popular choices for those seeking to explore foreign lands while enjoying the enchanting allure of the monsoon. As we immerse ourselves in the enchantment of the monsoons, both domestic and international travel wishlists take center stage. 

Interestingly, there has been a notable shift in traveller preferences towards shorter trips, surpassing the appeal of longer journeys. Booking data from ixigo indicates that the majority of travellers (41%) are now looking for shorter trips this monsoon, typically lasting 1-3 days. This trend suggests that short getaways are on the rise and gaining popularity among travellers.

Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the number of solo travellers this year compared to 2022. In 2023, solo traveller bookings witnessed a remarkable 62% increase compared to the same period last year. This surge reflects a growing preference for independent exploration and highlights the desire among travellers to embark on solo adventures during the monsoon season.

In addition to the rise in solo travel, there has been a substantial increase in searches and bookings for the 2023 monsoon season compared to the previous year. According to ixigo booking data, travel during the monsoon season this year has experienced a 70% increase compared to 2022. This surge further emphasises the growing enthusiasm and interest among travellers to experience the unique charm of the monsoon season.

These evolving trends indicate a notable shift in travellers preferences, with shorter trips gaining popularity and solo travel becoming increasingly prevalent during the monsoon. The monsoon season, known as a lean season compared to summer and winter, offers more affordable travel options for those who have been dealing with high airfares throughout 2023. “Additionally, many airlines rollout monsoon sales with significant discounts on flights, particularly during the month of July, making it an opportune time for travellers to plan their trips in advance,” Aloke Bajpai, Co-founder and Group CEO of ixigo, said.


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