Snapdeal and Agoda join forces to revolutionise travel booking for Indian consumers.

The primary objective is to provide cost-effective travel options to millions of prospective travellers across India

In a significant development for the Indian travel industry, Snapdeal, India's largest e-commerce marketplace, has entered a strategic partnership with Agoda, a leading online travel booking platform. This alliance, which combines Snapdeal's extensive reach and Agoda's travel expertise, aims to cater to the travel needs of consumers in Bharat. 

The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide cost-effective travel options to millions of prospective travellers across India, empowering them to embark on journeys of discovery and exploration. The synergy between Agoda and Snapdeal brings together two industry giants, each contributing its own unique strengths to the table. Agoda, known for its vast array of accommodation options, will now have access to Snapdeal's massive consumer base. This means that Snapdeal users can expect an enhanced travel booking experience with a multitude of options to choose from. 

Bharat Venishetti, Group Head Strategic Finance at Snapdeal, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "This partnership underscores our commitment to enriching our consumers' lives by offering an extensive range of solutions while they shop online." 

Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer at Agoda, shared the excitement, stating, "Snapdeal is a market leader in the e-commerce industry in India, and everyone at Agoda is thrilled to join forces with them. We are confident that the partnership will deliver exceptional value and enrich the travel experiences of Snapdeal’s millions of users across India." 

As India's appetite for travel continues to grow, Snapdeal and Agoda's partnership couldn't have come at a better time. This strategic alliance promises to be a game-changer in the Indian travel industry, and consumers can expect to see the benefits of this collaboration unfold in the coming months.


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