Smart living: What does the bathroom of the future look like?

The idea of smart home is officially on the rise, be it modular kitchens or digital garage

Two prolonged years of staying tuned to and with the outside world through the digital interface, one thing is loud and clear - our spaces, homes, lives and overall the ecosystem needs to be smart, conscious and future ready, as opposed to simply solving our current living needs. The design elements need to blend in with digital elements and smart home functionalities which can help the urban home run more swiftly have to be padded with comfort and consciousness. Smart, eco-friendly and stylish trends can be adapted and installed to transform everyday bathrooms into futuristic, technological paradises. The demand for sentient bathrooms that intuitively adapt to users, a place which can seamlessly adjust to their mood with minimal effort, is an ask more in sync with bathrooms of tomorrow.

The idea of smart home is officially on the rise, be it high-tech modular kitchens or digital garage or automated home entertainment systems and now even bathrooms are witnessing the technology outburst. Today, even intimate settings like our bathrooms have become the next room to experience the high-tech revolution. They are now considered a living space that offer a rejuvenating, feel-good factor rather than only serving a functional purpose. A modern space design favours more eco-conscious solutions and we expect to see smart faucets, lights and other fixtures to become a mainstay with their reduced energy consumption and water saving benefits – a winning combination for clients and the planet. Innovative technology recognises set preferences and uses stored data to set the water temperature and flow accordingly, both of which factors have the potential to cater for the rising demand for personalisation through smart technology.

Nowadays, consumers favour technologically enabled products over their traditional counterparts because of their simplicity of use as well as their ability to save energy and water. They have become more aware of tacks and hacks to reduce their water usage due to the changing environmental conditions throughout the world. Additionally, consumers are more interested in installing water-saving and energy-efficient bathroom fixtures as bathrooms require a lot of water supply and water heating. The industry's stakeholders now have a responsibility to educate the public. Products that minimise human interaction and feature sensor technology, such as touchless sensor taps, or products that successfully prevent germ build-up are becoming more and more popular.

As a leading global brand in bath and sanitaryware we at Hansgrohe are constantly innovating with technology and design that delight customers all over the world. Hansgrohe’s world of bathrooms discovers expressive style collections, marvellous design and useful functions that understands the consumers look for luxurious experiences, albeit with a responsible environmental approach. With eco-smart solutions and top-notch concealing technology, the products give consumers a plethora of cutting -edge solutions with increased safety and exquisite designs. 

At hansgrohe, we see the bathroom as the main place to relax, revitalise and find balance. Hansgrohe RainTunes shower is one such scenario which transforms water into pure well-being. Here is how you can amp up your bathroom experience and make it futuristic.

  1. More Joy with Water - Innovative hansgrohe technologies can make showers more comfortable and enjoyable, thereby, reducing water consumption at the same time. Offering utmost comfort in features like Hansgrohe select wherein it takes just one click to switch the spray mode, start a new shower, or turn the water on and off. This thoughtful working concept offers even more enjoyment in the shower, bathtub, and at the sink. Products with Select technology offer intuitive and ergonomic operation for all.
  2. Investment in Modern operating technologies: Single lever mixer instead of two handle mixer: While you wait, turning the two handles, for the water to reach the right temperature and the right volume, a lot of it flows unused down the drain. Whereas, modern single lever taps add considerably more convenience to one’s home, the required water volume and temperature can be set much more quickly on these than on two-handle taps. One can easily save time and enjoy added convenience with single lever taps and pretty soon, save more money too
  3. Make smart hot water savings – with CoolStart technology: CoolStart is an innovative technology that allows only cold water to flow when the mixer is turned on in the basic setting. One doesn’t not consume hot water or the energy required for it until he/she intentionally turns the mixer lever to the left. A very sustainable and ecological version of water and energy saving, CoolStart marks an environmentally friendly trend in the world of bathrooms and saves you money at the same time.

Integrating technology into the bathroom is the ultimate way to make our homes smarter and better tailored to consumer’s needs. Functionality can be optimized to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere in our personal spaces. These few trends will enhance the spaces while delivering intelligent solutions. Complementing the look and feel with asymmetrical accessories, colour pops, textured wallpapers, big tiles and marble pieces will also create a more personalized experience.

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