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On World Toilet Day, Hansgrohe India shares tips to help you build and style greener and smarter bathrooms while preserving water

The bathroom has ceased to be a space solely dedicated to function. It is gradually turning into a place to express one’s personality, desires and tastes as a distinctly private space. It’s time to make bathrooms look fabulous and be environmentally friendly while using ecologically sound and sustainable methods that shield our world. The benefits of eco-friendly bathrooms are abundant – they reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your utility bills. Moreover, they provide positive health effects like improved indoor air quality by adding plants or aromatherapy diffusers. 

In the current scenario, where climate change is affecting all the beings on the planet and access to safe and abundant groundwater is at risk, minor changes can help us go a long way. An eco-friendly bathroom minimises the use of resources, waste and energy. Going green doesn’t mean ridding yourself of the pleasures of a relaxing bath, shower and home comforts.

Plummeting Water Flow 
One of the most straightforward fixes for abundant water consumption in the bathroom is to change out high-flowing faucets, toilets and showerheads. With water scarcity increasing, brands are actively developing product categories to reduce water wastage. Finoris faucet range by hansgrohe is built-in with sustainable Eco Smart technology, allowing one to get water with just a flick of the wrist and a push of a button, reducing water consumption to five litres per minute.

Shower Heads 
Changing shower heads can add an upgraded look to your bathroom and save a lot of wasted water. hansgrohe’s Rainfinity’s overhead shower, hand shower, shelves and separate concealed controls add modern touches to the bathroom, while users can switch between jet types simply and intuitively with Select. The technology ensures volume of water is not wasted and released in a controlled manner while you enjoy a rain-like shower experience. 

Low-Flow Toilets
It is not news that toilets waste tons of water. If you have a high-gallon-per-flush WC, it’s time to replace it with one that works more efficiently. One should make sure to opt for one that lets you choose between two flushing options, eventually saving more water than that is being used. 

Bathroom Air Purifiers 
Bathroom plants will be a perfect addition to your washroom upgrade by purifying the air for better air quality. These will not only keep the air clean but also add to the aesthetic of your bathroom. Some plants to consider as natural cleaners could be Peace Lily, English Ivy, Orchids, or Snake Plant. 

A Green Clean 
Like your natural beauty products, choose natural, greener cleaning products for your bathroom. Replacing damaging cleaning chemicals with natural cleaners such as vinegar and lemon juice will help eliminate grime and mildew with a good scrub. Incorporate a sound filtration system in your home. Ensure your waste is treated before letting it back into the ground and, thus, into the groundwater. 

Gaurav Malhotra is Managing Director, Hansgrohe India


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