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When we’ve grown to have our separate towels, toiletries, and wash basins, then why are we still sharing our water closets?

Especially, when we’ve grown to have our separate towels, toiletries, and wash basins, then why are we still sharing our water closets?

To let you experience the ultimate bliss and comforts of hygiene, Queo by Hindware Limited has curated a bath lounge trend that requires you to add double water closets in your bath space. Not only does it enhance the wellness quotient of your bathroom but also elevates its artistic aspect. Moreover, owning your personalised water closet allows you to customise the space to your taste and provides you with enough room to incorporate the elements of art for enhancing the visual outlook of your bathroom. So, when they ask you to express your love, show it by

treating them with the gift of wellness! After all, there are some things that you do only for your love.

Have double water closets in your bath space: Indulge your loved one into the delight of a personal and hygienic bathroom experience by adding dual water closets into your most private space. Your bath space is truly a sanctuary where you spend some ‘me-time’ and pamper yourself. And when it comes to having a perfect space for you and your better half that can truly rejuvenate your spirits, seeking wellness and hygiene tops the chart.

Add an abstract wall art painting for swaying an artistic vigour: Let your bath space reflect your artistic personality with an abstract wall painting. When the intricacy of vibrant colours, forms, and textures are combined with a minimalistic background, your bath space will radiate the true idea of indulgence where luxury is experienced in a new light.

Elevate with a green plants wall to evoke the simplicity of nature: Bring the serenity of nature into your bath space by covering an entire wall with green plants. It not only rejuvenates your senses, thereby contributing to wellness but also gives an artistic vibe that makes your bath space a master suite you never want to get out of.

Keep your wardrobe after the bath space in the space layout: We live in India where 99% of the time, the bath lounges are cleaned by house helps. According to the current trend, wardrobes are placed right before the bathroom, so that the house help can have full access to your walk-in wardrobe without having to cross your most private space. Ideally, with large bath spaces, we don't have the stress of them being wet and clothes getting greasy as we walk through them. Hence, placing the wardrobe after your bath lounge is a must-have as it helps you get rid of the stress while your help is cleaning your wardrobe section.

Blend in the functionality by adding a vanity on the sides of the wash basin: Tune out the clutter and enhance the functionality of your bath space by incorporating a wall-mounted vanity on the sides of the wash basin rather than placing it underneath as it becomes a cleaning hassle at a given point in the future.

Beat the winter woes with some heated flooring and a fireplace inside the bathroom: Immerse into the bliss of a comfortable bathing experience during winters by blending in the warmth with some heated flooring and a fireplace area in your bath space.

Place a steamer inside the bathing cabinet for a spa-like experience: Looking forward to body polish or want to keep that hair mask on inside your bathroom? A mere thought of such a spa-like experience sends chills to your body. It’s time to turn your bath space into an exotic bath lounge by placing a steamer inside the bathing cabinet. Now, you can relax and unwind inside the bathroom for extra time.

Use large mirrors to create an illusion of a substantial space in your powder room: There’s no better companion of tiny spaces than a well-placed mirror. Bringing in light, breaking the visual clutter, or expanding walls, large mirrors can help you elevate the visual space of your powder room by adding dimension to it in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Illuminate your bath space with sensor-based lighting for a shimmery appeal: Still struggling to figure out the lights in the dark or in extra pressure? Move to sensor-based lighting. As it doesn't require touch, it can easily be adjusted for sensitivity and is a huge cut down on the amount of wasted electricity while lights are left on.

Incorporate small steps in the bathing area for sheer convenience: Customise your bath space as per the needs of old and elderly people by adding small steps for unmatched comfort, thereby preventing any risks associated with them in your bathroom.

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