Regal weddings and events flourish in Rajasthan

The speakers painted a vivid picture of the grandeur and cultural richness that define these celebrations in the heart of India's royal state, Rajasthan

In the latest episode of BW HOTELIER’s webBLAST series, The GM Show Season 2, the focus was on Regal Weddings and Events in Rajasthan as a grand affair. The industry experts lifted the veil from the enchanting world by painting a vivid picture of the grandeur and cultural richness that define these celebrations in the heart of India’s royal state, Rajasthan. 

The discussion was led by Rajiv Kapoor, General Manager, Fairmont Jaipur with speakers like Indrani Gupta, GM, Sawai Man Mahal, Jaipur; Gorav Arora, GM, Jaipur Marriott Hotel; Pradippta Biiswaas, VP Operations, Radisson Jaipur City Center and Ananta Hotels & Resorts and Imit Arora, GM, Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre emphasising the larger-than-life nature of these celebrations, perfectly complementing the cultural tapestry of the state. 

“The regal weddings complement the culture we have in Rajasthan,” remarked Kapoor. He highlighted the allure of the state for celebrities who seek to experience the royal era of the Rajas and Maharajas in the grand forts across the state. He also shed light on the exclusivity and privacy offered by boutique facilities, making them ideal venues for regal weddings. 

Joining the conversation, Gupta said that Rajasthan is the cultural capital of India due to its diverse traditions. She emphasised that “Rajasthan’s appeal is not only limited to aspirational weddings but also to the immersive experience it offers through cultural and culinary splendour.” Gupta also noted the significant growth in the number of event companies across Rajasthan. 

On the other hand, Arora expressed his admiration for Jaipur’s vibrant vibe and highlighted that “a wedding in Jaipur is not an ordinary event; it is a cultural extravaganza.” He acknowledged the role of hoteliers in bringing the entire ecosystem together to fulfill the dreams of guests, noting “the destination wedding may offer an Italian cuisine or any international cuisine; the special way they are laid down is the hallmark of Rajasthan." 

Biswaas stressed the abundance of culinary choices available to guests. He mentioned the presence of international and Indian cuisines, as well as the classic Rajasthani delicacies that cater to every palate. “The guests are spoiled with options; if you want an international cuisine, Rajasthan has it; if you want any other Indian cuisine, we have it, not to mention the classic Rajasthani cuisines.”

Imit Arora shifted the focus to the art of hosting weddings. He emphasised that hosting a wedding is not just about providing a venue but about creating an unfamiliar experience. Arora stated the importance of understanding people and cultural sensibility, noting that each couple brings a unique vision. “Hosting a wedding is not a generic celebration; every couple brings a vision, and the crew tries to understand these preferences and match up to the expectations," said Arora. He concluded by highlighting the dedication of hotel staff to continually improve and evoke emotions in every celebration. 

The episode ended with host Bhuvanesh Khanna thanking the esteemed panellists for sharing their thoughts and views on the subject and informing everyone about the next edition of ‘The GM Show’ at 4 pm on November 23.


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