REHAU: Providing comprehensive building and interior solutions

The company’s focus spans across a comprehensive array of architectural products, encompassing everything from flooring to ceiling solutions

Emerging from its namesake origins in Germany, REHAU has evolved into a world-leading authority in polymer processing technologies. Operating across more than 50 countries with a workforce exceeding 20,000 employees, the company’s mission revolves around pioneering advancements that enrich lives. In the context of the hospitality sector, the offerings, including RAUKANTEX, RAUSHELL BRAVURA, RAUVISIO, and beyond, play a pivotal role in elevating the design, resilience and energy efficiency of diverse hospitality spaces. Rooted in principles of quality, innovation and sustainability, REHAU has solidified its position as a trusted partner attuned to the evolving needs of the hospitality industry.

“REHAU caters to the hospitality sector with its outstanding product range that boasts solid surfaces with thermoformable technology which gives an architectural appeal to spaces and thus become design statements for those interacting with it. With our exclusive laminate range — right from gloss to matt and décor collection — REHAU’s products are known to have features that are not just classic but also adds that extra bit of exclusivity to the ambience, in terms of material, features, collection and colours,” shares Manish Arora, Vice President - Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia.

Arora adds that the company’s focus spans across a comprehensive array of architectural products, encompassing everything from flooring to ceiling solutions. “This encompassing range includes exceptional offerings such as laminates, solid surfaces, flooring, plumbing and drainage, and the ingenious radiant heating and cooling solution, all purposefully designed to elevate the hospitality industry to new heights. Among our exceptional offerings, you’ll encounter cutting-edge external wall cladding solution, RAUSHELL BRAVURA, which lends an air of distinctiveness and captivating aesthetics to hospitality establishments' exteriors. Complementing this, our versatile surface and solid surface solutions, RAUVISIO, open up a realm of possibilities for countertops, reception desks, and other intricate design elements. Our commitment extends further, delivering premium laminates, pre-laminated boards, customised panels, and tailor-made flooring solutions under the banner of RAUFLOOR. These solutions are meticulously curated to harmonise with the unique demands of diverse hospitality spaces, seamlessly blending function and form,” he informs.

Moreover, REHAU’s Roller Shutter solutions, RAUVOLET, epitomises space efficiency and style, catering perfectly to the modern demands of the hospitality industry. To ensure the ultimate comfort of guests, its radiant heating and cooling systems employ energy-efficient methods, making them ideal for both new constructions and renovations. The adaptability of systems extends to retrofits, making them a versatile choice.

“The significance of Edgeband in India remained somewhat obscured until HPL manufacturers found themselves grappling with the challenge of matching edges to their laminates. In this context, REHAU stands as an eminent pioneer in India, heralding a legacy of half a century of global excellence. Our flagship product, RAUKANTEX Edgebands, offers an extensive range of choices that span various categories. Notably, our uPVC edgebands have emerged as the preferred choice due to their harmonious blend of aesthetic allure and furniture durability. This exquisite combination makes them an ideal fit for the hotel and hospitality industry, exemplifying the apex of design and functionality,” informs Arora.

Within the realm of hospitality, REHAU distinguishes itself by exemplifying an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability. “Our forte lies in providing comprehensive building and interior solutions that span the entire spectrum, from floor to ceiling. Capitalising on our global presence and extensive cross-sector expertise, we approach hospitality projects with a holistic perspective. Our dedication to tailoring solutions to unique design requisites remains at the forefront, while our unswerving emphasis on sustainability seamlessly aligns with the burgeoning eco-conscious trends shaping the sector,” concludes Arora.


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