RARE India launches three new initiatives: RATAN, RAIN and Beautiful Planet

Through these initiatives, RARE India, a conscious luxury travel and hospitality marketing company aims to collaborate with domestic travel agencies, travel influencers, networkers to promote RARE India Hotels with powerful narratives based on sustainable tourism and responsible luxury. Beautiful Planet aims to explore initiatives and ideas by young people in their endeavour to work for the planet.

RARE India, which is a collection of some of the finest conscious luxury boutique hotels, palace stays, wildlife lodges, homestays and retreats in India and the subcontinent, launches three initiatives with the aim of growing its community of earth loves and travel enthusiasts who believe in sustainable living.

Two of the initiatives, RARE Travel Agency Network (RATAN) and RARE Influencer Network (RAIN), are directed towards inviting partnerships from Travel Agents as well as independent Influencers to jointly promote conscious luxury travel. The ‘Beautiful Planet’ initiative is directed towards children and young adults and is calling out to them to preserve and protect planet earth. 

Throwing light on the initiatives, Shoba Mohan, the Founder Partner of RARE India, said, "The halt that the industry is witnessing at present is our opportunity to reset our businesses and aim to switch over to a more conscious and earth centered business models. Our latest initiatives RATAN, RAIN and Beautiful Planet are a move to collaborate and create a tribe through knowledge and partnerships for growth and evolution."

RAIN aims to have travel influencers on board to collaborate and promote boutique hotels and experiences that offer luxury stays and travel experiences with a focus on sustainability through powerful narratives. As part of the network, influencers will have access to the community, special knowledge sessions and training held with owners and experts; business incentives and value additions will be the obvious by-products. In addition to the opportunity of being a part of a growing tribe of travel enthusiasts, the partner influencers will also get a chance to be featured on RARE India's social media platforms and lead the way to innovation in the travel world.

Under RATAN, RARE India is inviting travel agencies that believe in responsible tourism to be a part of the network. RATAN is targeted at the discerning and evolving Indian traveler who can book through 'RARE' travel agency partners, equipped with knowledge and training. RATAN partners will have preferred access to the RARE India Community, RARE India events, FAMs and knowledge sessions.

The Beautiful Planet initiative seeks to drive change through the vision of the future generation. RARE India is inviting suggestions and ideas from children, teenagers and young adults and enabling them to be the catalyst for change in carrying out the revolution for sustainability. As per Mohan, “We have borrowed planet earth from our children, and it is their transformative ideas that will lead the world that is aware and working towards a better and greener planet.”

Aimed at creating value through travel, RARE India focuses on promoting conscious luxury travel based on the ideal of the ‘triple bottom line’ - people, planet and profit. It focuses extensively on preservation of heritage and nature along with prioritizing community development, destination discovery and light-footed philosophy that ensures that the destination retains its integrity and our environment continues to flourish. 


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