QSR Industry Embraces Technology to Become Wholesome & Qualitative

An increasing number of international QSRs have made a foray into India setting the pace for an incremental growth in this industry. This has also indicated the significance of brand presentation and its impact on consumers.

According to industry body ASSOCHAM, Indian QSR market is likely to grow threefold, with revenues estimated to reach 25000 crores, in the next five years. In 2015, the QSR market, was estimated at 8, 500 crores, with a recorded compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25 percent. The GPL policy introduced in the 90s paved the way for many opportunities for global food giants.
QSR being the largest sector in QS market had made its presence felt in the economy with the impactful acceleration of its subsidized business ventures. A lot of servicing sub-sectors to this space has emerged as a profit-generating market. The subsidiary sectors are technology, security, logistics and whole-sellers. The common service utilized here is that of ‘e-surveillance’. Today, e-surveillance extends beyond security services. It involves improvising everyday operations in favor of the business
While food, cuisine, and ambience are the key factors to increase business, presentation and hygiene play a crucial role at these outlets. Rising competition has led to various brands adopting new technologies and tools to enhance the quality of services. Multitasking being the norm of the day, managers and employees are faced with the challenge of monitoring the activities and presentation of the restaurant. This is where technology comes to the rescue. Apart from accelerating the accuracy in the reports it also maximizes the outcome of the tasks. Advanced technology is being adopted by almost all corporate today as it helps augment the services, scrutinizing reports, timely reviews and resulting in increased clientele and revenues. Leading e-surveillance service providers in the industry, design complete 360 degree solutions for QSR and food outlets. The aim is to meet the higher security standards as well to stimulate hygiene standards in the QSR space. It’s not just about cleanliness but factors like turnaround time for orders placed, table presentation, prevention from burglaries and monitoring the interactions of employees towards customers are important factors . A technology that can monitor all the activities and operations will ensure more productivity and also result in reduced cost. Today Technology in QSR space has bought tremendous changes to match the global standards of presentation.
While advancing the services the organization, also needs to control the monetary expenses without exhausting its budget and affecting the other functions. Such circumstances necessitate the structure that can govern the unwanted expenses like keeping watch on the electricity consumption, regularizing the in-out timings, keeping a check on the stocks to avoid last minute hassles that results into the extra cost to make on time stock availability. Such needs can be met by a technology that can oversee the whole operation. With an aiding technology like e-surveillance not only for the security reasons but to enhance the services can change the whole setup of operations making it more organized. A customer walking in restaurants or a retail store expects the merchandise not only to be in place but to be well furnished with the stock. The presentation here is a significant factor to increase the walk-ins. One of the great examples of good presentation contributing to growth is the increase in the demand for departmental stores in India. It indicates at the fact that, Today the Indian consumers are seeking change in terms of the servicing and appearance.

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