Poona Hoteliers Association appoints Sharan Shetty as its President

Sharan Shetty to continue his third year in the Association as President

Poona Hoteliers Association (PHA), a body representing 60 plus hotels of Pune, 11 Hotel Management Institutes, and 10 Hospitality Vendor Members, has elected Sharan Shetty as President for 2021-22 at the Annual General Meeting held at Amanora The Fern Hotel.  

“I am thankful to the members for having elected me as their President. The past two years have been very tough for the hospitality industry due to the pandemic. The PHA has been in the forefront, engaging local as well and state authorities about a number of issues such as industry status, MSEB charges, waiver for property tax, taking on the Novex, IPRS and PPL among a host of other issues. The Poona Hoteliers Association has been an active voice in Maharashtra in highlighting and working towards these issues along with the regional associations and the government. It also took up the successful recovery of all dues owed by the state government to the hotels which were taken for the front line workers during the first wave. We also have many activities planned for members such as educational seminars, training programmes, blood donation camp, PHAPL 4.0 (Cricket Tournament) and many more for the year,” said Shetty. 

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