Ozone Overseas expands portfolio

The company launches new product range in glass hardware and home security space

Today, consumers are looking for products that will make the house look more stylish and extravagant yet provide them the assurance of safety and reliability. Homes have now evolved into wellness spaces--a place for respite and rejuvenation, away from the chaos that can be everyday life. Nowadays, smart and evolved designs have become an important aspect of interior design and architecture. To meet these requirements, Ozone Overseas has introduced a new range of solutions for Indian consumers. Fourteen new products have been launched in the glass hardware and security space that will provide a premium experience to its consumers and encourage them to refurbish their spaces and make homes smarter and safer. The new range of products in Ozone’s portfolio, including Lateral Sleek Design Shower Hinges, Super Patch-Sleeker Slimmer Smarter, and Kubik-Luxury Partitioning Systems, is a perfect blend of modern aesthetic and innovative designs that are a key component in the brand’s offerings.  

Commenting on the launch of the new ranges at Zak Glass Technology Expo held in New Delhi recently, Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director, Ozone Overseas, said, “For Ozone, our customers are the primary focus, we have been constantly, and we have been evolving according to their choices. We take pride in the wide range of product categories that we built over the years and adding new products to the range is an overwhelming feeling. As a global innovative player in the architectural hardware industry and electronic security segment, we’re constantly studying consumer behaviour across global markets and understanding the importance of tapping into the latest trends. Ozone has always aimed to be the trendsetter, and with our expanding portfolio, in which products like automatic doors or HANA demountable partitioning systems have been created as per the trends, we hope to continue being the no. 1 choice of our consumers.”

Ozone Overseas has evolved over the previous two decades from a mission to produce actual, practical solutions for customers and high-value goods that supply Indian and worldwide markets. With the emerging era of automation, innovation and development are our main focus and we aim to keep evolving and advancing our products with the latest technology. 

Some of the products being launched are:

Outliner Sleek Profiles - A range of slim and sleek coloured outline for a Frameless Shower Enclosure. Compatible with the standard hardware connectors and hinges, these 14 mm profiles can be easily cut into desired lengths and installed on the glass outline using a simple double-sided tape or silicon

S-Series Shower Hinges with Profile - The S-Series Shower Hinges have been relaunched in a new avatar with complimenting connectors and fittings in new finishes under the Colors by Ozone initiative. Compatible with the new Outliner Profiles, this range is perfect for a premium shower room experience

Lateral Sleek Design Shower Hinges - The new Lateral range of Shower Hinges is in a unique rectangle shape design which also makes the grip of the glass better. These high-quality shower hinges made of Solid Brass have a cover ensuring no visible screws. A range of matching connectors ensures a complete solution for all types of shower room requirements

HANA Sliding Shower Enclosure System - The HANA Framed Sliding Shower Kits come for both in-Line and 90-Degree showers. This sturdy system has a bottom profile ensuring 100% water tightness and comes with accessories to give a finished look.

Super Patch-Sleeker Slimmer Smarter - A new addition to the Ozone range of Patch fittings, the Super Patch is Self-Closing and is the same size as the regular patch fitting. The slimmer and sleeker design of the bottom plate makes it easy to install and is practically invisible to the eye. The Super Patch-W is suitable for Aluminium Profile Doors which no longer need the floor dig and can have an invisible hydraulic incorporated inside the profile.

Central Pivot Patch 360 Degree - In the self-Closing Concealed Floor Spring Range, introducing the 360-Degree Rotating Central Pivot Patch. This Patch can be used in the centre of a door, and the door can go complete 360 giving easy access to the opening and smooth traffic flow. Available for Frameless Glass Doors, Doors with Profiles, and Wooden Doors, this Patch gives a new dimension to the No Digging initiative of Ozone.

Hydraulic Door Rail - The Hydraulic Door Rail comes with an in-built Hydraulic Spring and does not require any digging in the floor. It also has a Euro Profile Floor Lock and is also available with a US-type Lock

Pocket Invisible Sliding Door - As the name suggests, glass doors can easily slide inside the wall in this system. The complete system comes with a parking area which can be hidden with the help of panelling on the wall. What is visible is only the glass which can be invisible when parked inside. The system also includes the frame, which is placed between the walls.

Smart Builder Shower Software - The smart builder provides to design a shower cubicle in real time on phone, tab or computer. This browser-based software enables easy designing of a shower cubicle providing a 3D view of the same. 

HANA Demountable Partitions - The Hana Demountable Profiles are available for a wider range of Solutions now. These profiles enable easy designing of framed glass partitions, doors, sliding, and soft close sliding doors. The new smart builder software further makes using and executing the Hana Partitions projects faster and easier.

Kubik-Luxury Partitioning Systems - Introducing single and double-glazed partition systems for modern office spaces with a range of complementing hardware to provide premium demountable partitioning solutions. 

Digital Glass Door Lock - The new digital glass door lock is an advanced version of Ozone’s previous range of locks. This lock is wifi enabled and can be easily connected with the OzoLife Mobile application for easy operation.

Automatic Doors with Outliner Profile - Ozone has added a wide range of Automated Door Systems like a range of Swing, Telescopic, and Panic Break-out doors. To further enhance the look and operations, the Outliner profiles can now be added to the doors giving them a look of a frame and at the same time, controlling the air losses by reducing the gap between the door and fixed glass.

Sliding Folding with Outliner Profile - The outliner profiles can further enhance the look of a Sliding Folding Door by being installed on the Panel periphery and reducing the gap between the two panels. Available in Silver and Black finish, the profiles match the colours of the fittings, which are available in Stainless Steel and Black Matt.

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