OYOs launches OYO Care for isolation and quarantine facilities

OYO has launched ‘OYO Care’ on its mobile app, wherein users can book quarantine facilities for COVID-19 patients as well as individuals with a quarantine requirement. With its implementation, OYO welcomes healthcare professionals, frontliners and relatives of patients for self-isolation and quarantine through a tie up with over 30+ hospitals, several government authorities and private sector organisations.

OYO has rolls out a feature on the OYO app, wherein users can now book their quarantine stay through the app itself. 

Last year, to support the nation’s efforts to break the chain and flatten the curve of the virus, OYO Care tied up with several hospitals, ministries and government authorities to offer quarantine facilities for stranded tourists, frontliners, the medical community and asymptomatic patients. In light of the rising cases in the second wave of COVID-19, OYO has announced that it will reinitiate the OYO Care initiative to further support the quarantine requirements of COVID-19 positive patients as well. 

Sharing his thoughts on the COVID-19 second wave related efforts, Rohit Kapoor, CEO, OYO INSEA said, “OYO’s presence across India enables us to support the healthcare system that has been stretched for space during such times. We are dedicating select properties across cities as quarantine and isolation facilities for COVID-19 positive patients.”

He added, “We also empathize with and stand ready to welcome frontline workers such as health care professionals, law enforcement authorities, essential workers or even a relative of a COVID-19 patient who needs safe and affordable accommodation options near a hospital. We hope our initiatives, in a small but meaningful way, provide refuge to everyone who needs it right now. We are extremely grateful to our asset partners who have joined hands with us to cater to the growing needs of healthcare and the frontline workforce during these distressing times.”

OYO Care has tied up with over 30 hospitals, several government authorities and private sector companies to open its doors to dedicated properties across cities as self-isolation and quarantine centres for health care professionals, frontline workers and offer a safe stay for relatives of COVID-19 positive patients near hospitals and several others.

Currently, it is also serving the accommodation requirements for the employees of local government bodies. OYO will also provide accommodation for post-travel isolation for tourists, and individuals travelling for emergencies, and other reasons. 

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