OBEETEE Collaborates with Abraham & Thakore to Recreate Rugs With a Modern Sensibility

The new ‘Proud to be Indian’ collection touches upon India’s fascinating elements: The borders of vintage saris from Kanchipuram, block prints from Sanganer and the timeless tie and dye Bandhani from Kutch.

OBEETEE, has recently launched the second edition of the ‘Proud to be Indian’ series with Abraham & Thakore. The new handcrafted collection of rugs fuses timeless traditional techniques with a bold, contemporary color palette and edgy artistry. The initiative is aimed at bringing the loom to the modern Indian context. BW Hotelier interacted with Angelique Dhama, President, OBEETEE who spoke about this new launch.

Brief us about the story behind the new collection?

We were aware of the strong Persian and Central Asian design language of most carpets; we felt the time had come to showcase rugs influenced by India’s own textile traditions, but with an evolved design vocabulary.  We are very excited to join hands with Abraham & Thakore who along with our most experienced weavers have created some never-seen-before masterpieces. Though the inspiration comes from India’s rich heritage, the elements and colours are fresh, making the whole compilation very contemporary. This collection reaffirms the ingenuity of the human hand.

How the new collection from OBEETEE has helped the local artisans?

OBEETEE employed some of its finest weavers to this task; it took more than a year to weave one carpet.  Traditional artisans are involved in all the projects that OBEETEE does and our weavers and artisans are very receptive to all sorts of designs and challenges given to them. They are highly skilled to do all sorts of designs traditional, transitional and modern.  With many of them being fifth and sixth generation weavers working from their own looms or homes, our structure ensures that their agrarian roots are not neglected. Not required to choose one over the other, our weavers are in a unique position to reap the benefits of both their skill and their fertile lands. Earning enough to keep them from leaving their villages, the nuances of carpet-weaving continue to be passed down to the next generation that looks to the future with weaving on their minds.

How grand is your market reach in the hospitality sectors?

OBEETEE carpets are being used for years in luxury hotel chains like The Oberoi, Imperial and The Taj properties.  We  also work with  hotels whose strategy entails them to have  quality carpets at  an economical price. Having one of the largest manufacturing facilities we have done intensive research and product development to cater to such clients. Customization is our key to cater to the needs of our customers that varies in terms of design, quality and price range.

How profitable rug market is in India?

Today the upwardly mobile well-travelled Indian not only understands the international styles and trends, but also aspires to have the very best for their home. Today one does not need to be a connoisseur of rugs to understand that carpets are actually works of art on the floor. The demand for high end handcrafted carpets rendered in silk and wool are significantly on rise as people are moving into high class luxury homes and these rugs seamlessly feel together with the rest of the plush interiors.


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