Max, Julie, Dulan and Alvin face pressure test on MasterChef Australia

Pastry chef Adriano Zumbo challenged the contestants to prepare a dish named Polly Wanna Waffle

MasterChef Australia’s episode 7 saw the contestants facing a pressure test. Facing pasry chef Adriano Zumbo, Fans team Max Krapivsky, Dulan Hapuarachichi and Favourites team Julie Goodwin and Alvin Quah braced themselves for a Zumbo Pressure Test Challenge.  

Revealing the stunning yet the most difficult dish presented on a pressure test so far, Zumbo lifted the lid to a striking parrot sitting on top of a shining gold waffle. The dish, named Polly Wanna Waffle, had layers of rich berry jam, marshmallows and chocolate ganache, with a banana and passion fruit topping. 

The four contestants had four and half hours to recreate the dish. What followed was a tense atmosphere as halfway through the test, Alvin had to slow down due to a panic attack of not feeling adequate. He paused and breathed to get the anxiety out of him and focussed on making the dish, while Dulan was still stuck on the first page of the recipe, tempering the chocolate for the waffle. Julie and Max set their pace well ahead, and worked step by step.   

Despite the freeze and the anxiety in the kitchen, Alvin’s dish was declared the dish of the day with the perfect layering of the waffle. Julie’s dish was appreciated in terms of taste and balance. In the end, it came down to who handled the pressure well between Fans members Max and Dulan and the latter was announced as the second contestant leaving the MasterChef kitchen. “I loved every single day here and thank you both the Favourites and Fans teams for teaching me so much in a short time,” he said.  


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