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Weekend Culinary Workshops at École Ducasse take off in India

India’s first École Ducasse campus began Weekend Culinary Workshops at its world-class institute in Gurugram. The introductory workshop held on June 4 at Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), Gurugram, hosted members of the Spanish Embassy. As the guests were keen on understanding local cultures through cuisine, a demonstrative workshop was curated specially for them by the institute. In the class, they learnt the art of Indian cooking, prepared several dishes, and discovered the history of traditional food.

The workshop conducted by Dr Zubin D’Souza, Dean of Culinary Studies, École Ducasse ISH Gurugram, who introduced participants to various knife skills, cooking concepts and techniques. From ‘farm to table’ to sustainable sourcing, the workshop also covered the latest trends of vegetarian cuisine. Members learnt to blend exotic Indian spices, identify quality produce and prepare them in the best ways possible. Additionally, they were taught the art of food presentation as they served up authentic Indian dishes.

Similar to the programmes taught on campus, the workshop was designed around immersive learning experiences. Participants gained exposure in professional work settings while improving their cooking skills. The session included all ingredients, recipes, utensils, and equipment and was conducted at the campus’ professional training kitchens. 

“The first workshop celebrated the rich heritage of Indian cuisine as members of the Spanish Embassy learnt to prepare popular local dishes. Whether it was the distinct flavors of the North, the spicy dishes of the South, the fresh seafood of the East or curries of the West — the weekend workshop introduced them to all that and more. The workshops are now open to the general public and will be taught by renowned chefs and culinary pioneers. Students, stay-at-home-moms, working professionals, or anyone with a flair for cooking can enroll in the course. Exclusive culinary workshops for corporates, high schools, and children between 8 to 12 years are to be curated as well. Through these sessions, we aim to build a community around food and bring together chefs, producers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Participants get a chance to explore international cuisine, create unique dishes and discover their inner chef in the short-term workshops. Such hands-on training forms the perfect platform for a flourishing career in culinary arts. At the same time, it allows each participant to enter the world of Ducasse and experience the first École Ducasse campus in India,” said Dr D’Souza.

Food enthusiasts from around the country are invited to come and experience culinary excellence at École Ducasse ISH Gurugram, which is located at Indian School of Hospitality’s campus. Participants will get to work with the latest cooking equipment in the finest facilities and training kitchens. The workshops usher in a broader rollout that will see the establishment of École Ducasse Studios across key cities and a second campus in India.


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