Marriott International introduces ‘Good Food = Good Mood’

A series of highly relatable and quirky digital films, guaranteed mood enhancers when paired with a meal from Marriott on Wheels.

Marriott International creates a digital campaign ‘Good Food = Good Mood’. A series of highly relatable and fun films that capture various situations and moods from everyday life that can be diffused with good food from Marriott on Wheels. Conceptualized by Shaun Kolah (Warp Studios) and produced by Toast Events, the campaign includes a series of 5 films, shot in four languages – Hindi, English, Bengali & Kannada. 

Commenting on this initiative, Khushnooma Kapadia, Senior Area Director of Marketing - South Asia for Marriott International Inc. said, “Being cognizant of the dynamically evolving external environment and with people being encouraged to stay home, Marriott on Wheels remains a strong medium to ensure our guests do not miss out on their favorite food. Encapsulating the love for our cuisines have received and the innate power of food to uplift our moods, we have created a lighthearted digital campaign built on relatable and meaningful situations, enabling us to interact with our customers through a creative dialogue, allowing us to grow brand awareness and strengthen brand perception.”

The films are centered around funny and eccentric situations that play out among family members in the course of a day or a lifetime. With an eager husband waiting for a date night, competing for his wife’s attention which is wholly centered on a nail biting cricket match, to a travel enthusiast grandmother 'Daadi' planning her dream trip to Paris when she hears of the lockdown, plans stay on schedule, realizing there are more ways than one, to enjoy Paris! Report cards & Dad encounters are always unpredictable. Anticipating fireworks on the big, fat ‘F’ that dominates his report card, a boy does his best to soften the blow. Cut to a demure, shy girl  going through the rituals of an arranged marriage, prepped she waits her turn to drop a bombshell announcement on her unsuspecting family, it’s a heart stopping moment, but there are new plans on the table now   – moods are uplifted, bonds are celebrated and happiness is diverted back to where it belongs, with good food from Marriott on Wheels. 

Introduced in 2020, Marriott on Wheels is a premium food delivery service from Marriott International that ensures the safe delivery of a diverse variety of Marriott’s signature dishes. Available in 26 cities and spanning a network of 76 hotels, Marriott on Wheels promises an authentic dining experience with a host of favourite, award-winning dishes on offer, prepared and delivered  adhering to strict hygiene & safety norms.

These 5 lighthearted videos help Marriott on Wheels connect with customers and their emotions, tempered with an understanding of where it fits in relation to their lives and situations.


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